Soil Health and the Rainfall Simulator on an Organic Farm

rainfall simulator is going to kind of
encapsulate what I’m trying to to show you as far as how our soil surface
management totally dictates how our soils action take so you may be
operating on a sandy soil sandy loam clay loam a silty clay a silt
loam now you can’t do much about those inherent soil particles you’ve got you
know the amount of silt that you have the clay particles the sand particles
you’re not going to change the relationship of those necessarily but
you can change how the soil behaves when you get a rainfall event and so what
we’ll do here is we’re going to simulate with this rainfall simulator a one-inch
rain event oh I went ahead and filled that centerpiece so that you
know what’s the popular conception that you got to till the soil to get more
water in it right if we fluff up the soil we’re gonna get more water into it
folks don’t feel bad if you thought that way
in the past because I certainly did I mean I grew up gardening with tilling
the soil right you got it to it you got to fluff it up and then one of the side
benefits is you’re going to get more water in there but is that true what are
we seeing so far in this demonstration we have about half an inch of water on
there right now our fluffed up soil the one that we just till we broke the cross
so that we can get water in so that we can get land emerges
how well is that doing at being able to infiltrate water is any water really
infiltrate this is mind-blowing to me the first time I saw this you can even
do this demonstration in your kitchen let’s take a clear glass jar or flour in
it and then try pouring water in on top of the flour and see how long it takes
for the water to get down to the bottom of the jar it doesn’t go down to the
bottom because there’s no phosphate so right now our chill feel is leading on
run off walk and we’re not only losing water but what else are we losing right
along with it we are losing soil fresh this soil right
along with that water

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