13 thoughts on “Soil Mix for Potted Plants – Water plants in pots less frequently

  1. Hello have you ever used wood ash on fig containers? What do you think? I heard it balances the PH on the soil. Thanks

  2. просто и понятно Вы мастер обучать людей спасибо Украина.гНиколаев

  3. Out of this world! This has got to be one of the best DIY videos on how to do it (really) well in the entire Youtube video collection, regarding this matter.
    Obrigado JSacadura!

  4. Hello, nice videos! I am wondering what brands of potting mix do you think are the best in Portugal? The ones seen in the video? Thanks

  5. Thank you for this video and for sharing this info with everyone. It gave me some really good ideas and I will be practicing some of them very soon. The only question I have is why do you have to rinse the clay balls off to reuse them? I would think there would be tons of beneficial microbial and fungal life forms living on and in those porous little clay rocks.
    Thumbs up and God bless

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