Soil Vs Hydro Update Week 10

hi welcome back to the Migro Youtube
channel we’ve got and update today on the soil vs. hydro test and we got some good
news and some bad news the bad news really is on this side and
the hydro side given my inexperience and ineptitude possibly at the hydro stuff
we’ve had a few problems and although the growth rate has been good the
quality of the growth has not been that very good so let’s just look at what I
have been doing and then I’ll make my best time about mistakes I’ve made and
that you could tell me what your opinion is but yeah let’s look at it first so
you come down here we’ll have a look we’ve I’ve been doing my sort of twice
weekly checks various things so pH the concentration of nutrients so looking at
the parts per million of nutrients in the solution and then just looking at
the system overall to make sure it’s functioning in particularly air because
of how problems with the air pebbles puffing up so just do a quick
demonstration here at what I’ve been checking so we’re testing the pH we’ve
got our blue pH pen sterling calibration also gives me the temperature reading
and the reading at the moment six point two and twenty degrees Celsius
it was calibrated – I put a feed-in on Monday after which the pH generally
rises quite high and I change this yeah sorry I just did it Dan
and it’s gone back up drift it up back up a little bit so I need to put in some
pH down to just that and I got the blue lab a plan for fuel a potential future
meter for testing ppm and this is running at 600 there at the moment
that’s fine if we want it and then we have temperature and humidity so 54
percent humidity and the temperature has been running between minimum of 12 at
night and Max or 29th or staying within our control of primers yeah the other
inspection you got to do a little bit tight in here but will that try to get a
decent fuel ax and it’s just to have a look at what the pot is doing underneath
make sure that everything is still bubbling everything’s still blowing you
can see the real mats they’re just built up
what a heavy thick dense ruthless so despite keeping the pH within a
reasonable band and adjustment as I said every two or three days
Dilys inspecting it every two or three days water temperature being in range
nutrient levels being where they should be light levels being okay at least the
same as the soil side we’ve definitely had some nutrient deficiency the
collapse we’ve had a collapse of a plant in the back here basically if they large
internal distance was that’s the same on both sides they’re very very delicate
stems which have been snapping and the plants have been falling over they just
haven’t been strong and Richard to hold up themselves so I know there’s nutrient
deficiency there is a little bit on the leads to which of course is my fault I
need to be identifying that and correcting it in terms of the mix but
yeah it’s quite frustrating that you you buy high quality nutrients and they
basically you have to add more stuff so that they’re complete the other
aspect really is that although we’ve had really good growth is much less flowers
over here and I haven’t found a single fruit over in this side yet which is
again it’s behind the soil side in that sense other than that other than be
making a complete disaster but it’s been fine it’s been absolutely fine so I
haven’t checked cord myself and glory we might have to do this one again taking
on board the constructive criticism I’m sure I’ll get you a comment oh yeah so a
bit of a disaster however Southside is saving the day on
the soil side things have been wonderfully simple unlike the RDW sea
side this is quite very little attention I’ve got a fresh water reservoir weird
trip feed it’s on for a few cycles comes on for five minutes three or four times
a day to feed the plants top of the reservoir about once a week simple as
terms of feed been using canna Terra bio and feed now on the flora one and then
on the blue one and feeding just once a week hasn’t really been any sign of
nutrient efficiency the growth is about the same as the or dwc side there’s the
hydro side and but the plant development is much much better so lots and lots of
flowers on here much stronger stems plants being held themselves or
perfectly and even got quite a lot of fruit going already
no fruit on the or dwc side of the fruit over here so let’s go down and just take
a little closer look at the plants so you can see in the development area
here with the on the soil side you’ve got strong stems I can give them a shake
things don’t fall off they’re all standing up on their own quite tight
development relatively strong notes nothing is snapped off of this side well
we got some large fruit so I’m gonna give the first taste test here so I will
pick one in up here they’re definitely gonna be too young but it would be
interesting to see what they’re like so yeah definitely tastes like a pepper not a huge amount of flavor more than
green flavor not chilli yet okay young so we’ll give them a chance we’ll try
them next time that’s it for now take care

48 thoughts on “Soil Vs Hydro Update Week 10

  1. Hi Shane
    Im not an expert, but I have some experience in hydro growing.
    I would suggest to give the plants more light from the beginning, so that they don't grow as tall as fast as they did. About the ppm, I have never grown pepper plants, but in my opinion 600 ppm sounds very low, because I know some plants that can easily take 2000+ ppm in flower and 600+ in seedling stage. About the ph, I always aim for 5,8 ph and maybe the deficiency has something to do with that, but I'm just guessing.

    Take care and please continue to make those high quality videos.

  2. Hi shane! I noticed that Yxo yuxinou, a chinese company that has made lights using crees and citizen cobs, has recently made a round pcb of samsung Lm301b chips clearly inspired from growmau5's "logic puck" as it's called. The catch is it runs on AC with "smart" ICs and they state it is insulated up to 4000V. It'd be interesting to give it a try, along with the many chinese quantum boards that pop up everywhere online

  3. Great update. I have always been a fan of soil. With that said if I was growing cannabis and temperatures were dropping from 29 to 13 degrees that would stunt the growth of the plant and depending on the size and genetics might kill it off. Not sure how growing chili works though.

  4. Hydro is basically pointless it's way to much hassle and increased risk for a slight increase in yeild, there's much easier ways to save water.

  5. Dwc, and hydro is just way over thinking how to grow a plant. Also the slightest " mistake " or change in variables can ruin your entire grow.

  6. silicate will help with nutrient uptake and thicker stems, H202 (hydrogen peroxide) @ 3%will fix those roots up. Great job for your first go honestly, your next run should be perfect.

  7. Only 600 ppm for peppers? That is simply way too low. No wonder there is a nutrient deficiency. I grow my peppers at 1600 ppm using Masterblend nutrients.

  8. Stands next to a adult male-sized bush of pepper plant – "a bit of a disaster" :D:D:D Love your videos man, high quality, very informative, as always manage to cover all the important details your dedicated viewers appreciate. Keep it up! :))

  9. Is it better to control the heat and humidity from within the tents or from the outer room and have the tents breathe the outer rooms air?

  10. Ppm to low, up it 400-600 and ph will drop.
    Should have topped them twice and add support nets.
    Add silica and cal mag every other feed res top up.
    Try and keep res temps below 18c.
    When vegging temps will run high, I place foil over the black lids and that will help lower res temps.

  11. Sounds like your just using a subpar nutrient on the RDWC side. Looks very lacking in light for the space as well…

  12. Silicon will help a plant stand. It is required throughout a plants life and can not be transported around the plant…so needs to be added. I put some vermiculite with Fulvic acid and use that. Alternatively buy some Silicon product.

  13. In hydro they say the solution temp should be between 18c n 21c an u say temps are 29 lights on 12 lights off well what temps is the solution when it’s 12 , maybe it’s to cold and not able to drink or consume the minerals it needs

  14. If the air temps 12 c the water solution will be cold like 12 c almost same , and 12 c might be to cold for solution unless u heating it while lights off

  15. I’m sure cannabis meant to be 18-21 c the solution temps what the roots sit in , so if gets down to 12 at night lights off I’m guessing the solution will be cool as fuck colder than the cold water out my tap that’s about 12 c

  16. Nice update, looks like that pepper had a little kick lol looks like you were looking for water at the end 😂

  17. Shane I’m no expect by any means, but 600 ppm seems awfully low. I grow my lettuce with 1000 ppm and my tomatoes at around 3500 ppm.

  18. the soil contains silicone- which makes stems hardy and strong. maybe you need to add some liquid silicone to your hydro grow- silicone will raise your ph and can be used as your ph up. also dont let leaves drop into your hydro bucket- it will cause root rot. try to dilute your ph up/down with water before adding to res.

  19. Sir, I run DWC, your PPM levels are too low, your plants are hungry, I'd raise it 200 (50PPM daily) to 800PPM, perhaps even a tad higher. DWC's high performance demands higher TDS levels than slower mediums (soil, coco) Protip, check PPM levels daily, if they drop daily your levels are too low, keep raising it until the PPM is almost the same daily, that's your maximum. Growers love.

  20. IMO you need the light closer at earlier stages, legging is not an option for these plants. Room temperature water may be too cold for that tropical plant. 🙂

  21. pH drift is a good thing in DWC grows. nutrient uptake in hydro is all over the map so you want your pH to fluctuate. adjust it to 5.5/5.6then let it rise to 6.3/6.4 and then re-adjust it back down to 5.5/5.6.

    personally i drift between 5.7 and 6.3

  22. Thanks for all the helpfull comments. I wll take them on board for the next run. I'll wrap this one up on the next video and share my thoughts on my first RDWC grow. Take Care, Shane

  23. Great video.. signs of Calcium and magnesium deficiency looking those stems most like from such a low ppm for the size of the plants

    A minimum of 900ppm or 1.8ec is what I would recommend for that size plant.

  24. Hey buddy give Master Blend water soluble fertilizer a try it is hands-down the best hydroponic fertilizer you can use and has been for years have a great day

  25. Your also messing with the roots way to much. Put a viewing window with a cover for the inspection…. If you thing about it you would only see or be able to inspect the roots of a soil plant in transplanting…. The hydro plants like a sense of normalcy just as the soil plants do…. Have fun man… Peace

  26. Comparison is relative until you’ve mastered both. Also true experienced growers use fox farm ocean forest or coco loco. Half ass growers who mickey mouse grow wont.

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