Soil: What is soil? What is soil erosion and degradation?

soil is a combination of minerals
organic matter water and air one-half of the total
volume of good quality soil is a mixture of humus containing plentiful nutrients
and disintegrated rocks soil is known as the bridge between life and the
inanimate world plants and microorganisms carry nutrients and inorganic matter
from soil and make them available to humans and animals the growing food
demands and agricultural revolution have put critical stress on farmlands
resulting in serious soil degradation soil degradation means that soil loses
its productivity and function it follows three routes chemical degradation such
as contamination by industrial activities and nutrients imbalance by
large-scale agriculture physical depredation like compaction and land
sealing by urbanization soil erosion a naturally occurring process in all
arable land which involves the movement of rocks and minerals by agents like
wind and water however human intervention accelerates the erosion
processes and worsens the situation from 1950s in 1990 our planet has lost one
third of all fertile soils a vast amount of soil worldwide has been degraded the
degraded soil regions are mainly concentrated in densely inhabited areas
the remaining stable soil regions are mostly distributed in the sparsely
populated areas severely degraded regions are those that
involve heavy industrial agriculture commercial forestry and rapid
urbanization to conserve arable land we have to implement effective measures to
prevent them from degrading vegetation conservation and reestablishment of
forest and wetland can prevent further erosion minimizing the application of
agro chemicals and using bio fertilizers can reduce the chemical degradation of
soil soil can be protected by reducing the number of industrial scale
monoculture farms and switching to poly culture farms such as agroforestry
systems which are a combination of agriculture and forestry healthy soil is
the foundation of the planet and our survival

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