Solucan Gübresi Nasıl Kullanılır ? How to use vermicompost ? |English CC|

Hi ! From DomatesBiber.Com YouTube Channel I answer your questions I prepared the vermicompost is also relevant to many YouTube video questions often come relevant to the worm manure How to use vermicompost ? Which is used in the plant vermicompost ? Vermicompost (Worm Fertilizer) used in vegetables, fruits and home flowers used in all plants used in greenhouse used in field or gardens everywhere with crop production If how we use vermicompost There are two forms liquid form and solid form liquid form mix with water and use Each company produces different dose looking at the dose should be used It should be applied to the soil or It should be applied to the leaf applied to the seed Solid vermicompost used the planting hole for example vegetables seedling opened the first land Use the root zone little 70 or 80 gram in tree average per tree 2 or 3 kg

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