Soul of Farming | A Good Dog | Organic Valley

The Amish community throughout the Midwest are very receptive to organic. I would say the reason we are organic is we simply believe that way. I mean, you look out and every creature you see, you know you’re not harming. That’s just so satisfying. It just seems so right. We spend a lot of time with our animals. We had quite a few horses that I could never sell. You become attached to certain animals. They become your friend. There’s another quote I like, “Lord, let me be the person that my dog thinks I am,” I’ve always had a dog for companionship. Just to be with me in the fields, when I go on walks. The dog is always there. And they’re just super smart animals, and loyal. I lived in Cleveland for two years being drafted during the Vietnam War, worked in a hospital. My wife and I came back to the farm in 1968, and have been here ever since. ‘Course, I’m not fully retired, but our daughter, Ann, and her husband, Kevin, milk about 45 cows. I think Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man standing in his own field is unable to see it,” And I think sometimes, that’s very, very true, because we’re around animals all the time and we just take ’em for granted, but there’s just this very strong sense of affection for animals that are working for you, and the only way I can repay the animals that work for me is with kindness and the best care I can give ’em. Just provide for every need. From the dogs, the cats, horses and cows. Everything on the farm, So, it’s nice to have a working dog that’s also a good friend. Rosie thinks I’m just the most marvelous thing that God ever created, And I think Rosie is, too. My name is David Klein, and we are your Organic Valley farmer.

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