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Iredell County where we live is the number one dairy county in North Carolina, but at the same time, for every farm that’s made it there’s probably been three that hadn’t. We’ve had the farm in the family since the late 1700s. I’m the seventh generation here on the farm and my son will be the eighth generation here on the family farm. I got the chance to work with my grandfather until I was about 25 years old. You could just see the passion in his eyes every day when he went out ‘an I see my dad doing the exact same thing. I grew up with a tremendous respect for agriculture. Every day it’s you and the work of the Great Creator. If there’s ever a place where a youngster can develop that feel for reality, it’s on the farm. Well, my favorite is probably going with my dad and leading the cows to the new pasture where they’ll graze. Grazing cows is my passion. I always look forward to that part of the day. “Co-me,” I can remember my grandpa and my dad out doing the same call they did. “Co-me, co-me” Chase is already learning the call and he contributes as well. You teach, you learn, you learn from them and you hope that the work ethic that you were taught as a youngster you are conveying to the next generations. “Ar’right,” Every generation sets the other guy up and so when you look out back and see these buildings and ol’ fence lines you just realize you are part of something a lot bigger than yourself. If I had to make the choice again, I’d be right here on the farm. It keeps on going and keeps on going and I’m looking forward to continuing it. “Co-me, co-me,” I’m Sam Dobson and my father, Jim, my son Chase and I are your Organic Valley farmers. “Co-me,” That’s the highlight of my day.

7 thoughts on “Soul of Farming | Generations | Organic Valley

  1. CUTE!!! Love this. Thanks for sharing these. I love the wonderful face you're bringing to farming. Hooray for farmers like these good folk. (:

  2. Awesome!!! Thank God- 7th generation, since the 1700s! That is great! My grandparents were the last generation that was able to hold unto the family farm. Its sad small farms have been dying for a while now. Thank God you have been able to hold unto those values and way of life! God Bless!!!!!

  3. Keep the videos coming !! I buy your milk every week, & it is delicious. Those cows look so happy, can we visit your farm?! 🐮

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