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One of the first experiences that I can remember in my life was going out to the barn early in the morning with my grandpa. They had a farm very similar to ours, and apparently grandpa was sizing me up for being a dairy farmer myself because he commented that my enthusiasm for getting up in the morning was was as natural to me as all the other things in life. As a dairy farmer, we follow the rhythms of the cows, so I usually go out and find them in the dark. I rarely take a flashlight because I know the way and a lot of times one or two of ’em will start shuffling towards me and then the rest of ’em will follow. The friendliest ones will want to have their ears scratched a little bit, and there’s usually a slowpoke. My cows are very much the most meaningful part of my farm experience. The thing that I really enjoy about morning milking is that it’s a peaceful space in my life. The pressures of the day are not upon you. That gives me space for reflection. I can spend time praying. I can spend time enjoying the interactions with the animals. And I think there’s an inherent peacefulness about cared for things, like dairy cows, because they are very dependent on me as their caregiver. I’ve pretty much milked cows seven days a week and I’ve come to peace with the fact that my life is intertwined with those of the cows, so I have a deep appreciation for what they do for me. I think the quiet of the morning is the place when we are all at our best, and the cows are also at their best. And so, that renewal of relationship is what I really enjoy about getting up in the morning. I’m Brent Beidler, and I’m proud to be your Organic Valley farmer.

12 thoughts on “Soul of Farming | Morning Milking | Organic Valley Farmers

  1. Just beautiful. .. I love your products, it's just getting them here in the south that's the hard thing … I truly miss your butter 🙁 haven't been able to get it now going on 2 years bummer … but I stick with your cream and cheeses totally the best ever ♡

  2. I have the deepest appreciation for what the farmers of America do everyday. Without them, we would be asking other countries for food donations.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. You can almost smell the cows. What a lovely way to start your day. The life of a farmer is simple but hard at the same time. God Bless them.

  4. AH~! LOVED THE VIDEO… BROUGHT BACK MEMORIES AS A CHILD ON THE FARM~~! My family milked cows…. Was a really hard transition to town milk… My dad would use the cream off the milk for his cereal… so some cream was still around… so town milk at whole milk tasted like water…. they had no clue on the tables of other homes… what from the cow whole really was~!

  5. Wonderful, I felt like I was there. Your milk is wonderful. Thank you and Organic Valley for providing such a wonderful product.

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