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The first six or seven years we farmed with my husband Scott’s family, who farmed conventionally, and I remember one time they had made hay, that was not good quality. And somebody made the comment, “Well, at least it will prevent hollow belly,” If you connect the dots that the nutrition is void, that in and of itself poses a challenge because food should have a purpose, should nourish us, not just taste good. So, when I’m home in my own kitchen, I cook to my convictions. The sun is the ultimate source of energy, so anytime that you can capture that energy, you win. First of the year in the spring when you’re just tired of winter and that rhubarb comes up, that delights me. When I wanted to feed my family organic food, it was just nicest if we could raise it ourselves. Scott especially, really likes to connect as much of our food to the farm as he can. He’ll sometimes look around the table and say, “Now is all of this off the farm?” We raise 90% of our food here on the farm, and there is definitely a satisfaction taking something from seed to table. I think it’s so good for all of us and especially our for children to be able to connect the dots. That’s a mom thing. It just feels so right. When we think about agriculture, there’s all different steps to it, but ultimately, it’s all about food. Whether we’re feeding animals, or whether we’re feeding humans, no matter how we view that, it has to come back to the food that lands on our plate. Scott’s mom used to say, “The best time of your life is when all your children have their feet under your table.” I consider that very precious quality time. That’s what’s important to me. I’m Charlene Stoller, and I’m your Organic Valley farmer.

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