Spring Garden Tour – LOTS of Nasturtiums, Poppies & Garden Tips!

hi everyone well it’s been an especially
gorgeous year for the nasturtiums and the poppies on the hill right behind me
so I wanted to take this opportunity to do a spring garden tour before the
flowers fade in the heat so let me show you around I’m absolutely loving the
nasturtiums this year and so many of you have asked how to plant them they’re so
easy to plant and they’re absolutely beautiful spilling over the stone
walkway here believe it or not I didn’t plant any new seeds this year but if you
are planting new seeds these are in my cool season flowers collection and you
just pop the seeds in the soil they actually thrive on neglect they don’t
need super great soil and the great thing is they reseed and they grow back
each year but the key is get them planted early in the spring because they
love temperatures of 80 degrees Fahrenheit or under now if you remember
we planted out this garden bed a few weeks ago on the spring garden series
and it is looking absolutely beautiful I have actually kept it shaded over the
past couple of weeks because we’ve had some hot weather we’ve got the red
romaine which is looking good and surprisingly enough I have a ton of
borage popping up in here that’s what all these little seedlings are and
borage is a great flower to grow as well it’s actually an herb it’s in the cool
season actually the warm season pollinators collection and it reseeds
itself every single year it’s beautiful I’ll show you some of the flowers that
are blooming in just a moment but I am going to be pulling a lot of these
seedlings out because I’m going to be planting some tomatoes and peppers in
this garden bed and if you recall in the video we shot on lettuce we planted some
seeds right along the drip irrigation line and they’re popping up they’re
looking beautiful I think this is the price head lettuce if I recall correctly
the red romaine in the middle it’s going to be a nice combination of colors and
then I planted the price header maybe it was the Grand Rapids lettuce along the
front here so it’s coming along well and I’m hoping to get a harvest before the
warm weather hits now here is the borage blooming absolutely beautiful borage is
a huge bee attractor so it really brings the bees into your garden and it’s so so
easy to grow so I highly encourage you to plant borage seeds now along the side
the fence here I planted some wildflowers and they are just starting
to bloom absolutely beautiful more nester shams and then the wildflowers
will be blooming as the weather gets warmer in the garden bed here I have a
tomato plant in and unfortunately I didn’t put a tag in so I’m not sure what
variety it is I think it’s the Mar globe from the spring garden seed collection
and I will be putting a cage over this plant very soon
I’m so excited guys because look we’ve got some flowers coming along the
weather is getting warmer and the tomatoes absolutely love the warm
weather and the warm nights so they love nights that are in the 50s and 60s and
this plant is going to be taking off now I’m leaving the rest of the garden bed
empty here because I’m saving some a spot for some more tomatoes and peppers
that we’re planning on a video in the spring garden series very soon and you
can see how the nasturtiums are absolutely amazing
they’re bordering this garden bed and a lot of you have asked me how do you keep
your nasturtiums under control well if you see down at the bottom here
I just recently trimmed these back and what I did was just took my electric
hedge trimmer and just ran it right along the bottom of the nasturtiums
because they’re really starting to spill into this garden bed and that really
helps keep them under control and before you know it though they’re gonna be
leafing out and branching out a little bit more so I’ll probably do that every
couple of weeks until the weather gets too hot and the nasturtiums just won’t
be as brilliant and bright anymore and I’ll probably pull them out now I do
plan to do a more in-depth video on planting flowers over the next month or
so but just so you guys know I have been intentionally letting this get a little
bit overgrown I love the brilliant flowers I just don’t have the heart to
pull it out yet because again they’ll be fading soon enough in the heat of the
summer so my plan is to plant some tomatoes along in here and along in here
some warm weather vegetables but I’m really waiting for a few more weeks
because I just want to enjoy these flowers a little bit longer so it is a
little bit hard to get down here through the walkways but again I love them so
much and I just don’t have the heart to pull him out just yet the poppies oh my
goodness the poppies have been absolutely stunning this year we had so
much rain over the winter time and the flowers are absolutely
especially the poppies so if you’re looking for some really easy flowers you
can grow in the spring pick up a cool season flower collection and it’s got
poppies nasturtiums and calendula some absolutely gorgeous flowers that will
grow in temperatures under 80 degrees now if you live in Southern California
you might have been fighting the crowds to get to the poppy fields well we are
enjoying our own little poppy field right here in our own backyard well I’m
hoping just to get a few more weeks out of my pea plants here we have some sugar
and sugar snap peas if you caught the video that we posted last weekend on
growing peas you’ll know that these are absolutely beautiful variety of sugar
snap peas very very productive and I actually harvested a whole bunch
yesterday because it was about 90 degrees and I didn’t want the pods
getting all stringy these are absolutely delicious the pods are super tender
edible and they do love the cold weather so with the hot temperatures coming up I
don’t expect these plans to last a whole lot longer but I am saving this spot
here for some tomatoes and peppers but I just can’t resist these Peas
mmm so tender and crunchy now the Gila right now is absolutely
crammed with flowers normally this is a walkway in here but these flowers
receded from last year honestly guys I did not plant any of this last year I
believe we’ve got some where poppies in here
the orange poppies also some pink little poppies right over here that are just
starting to bloom so I maybe we could get a few more weeks out of those and
I’m sure right in here we usually have tons of bachelors buttons and all kinds
of things coming in I did plant some wild flowers over the winter time you
guys might remember that video right before it rained we laid down wildflower
seed so now that it’s getting warmer a lot of them are starting to bloom I’m
not even sure what this beautiful purple flower is right over here but the bees
have already been flocking to it and I love bring planning the flowers right
near the vegetables to bring the pollinators in right where they need to
be so we get tons of vegetables too now if you remember on last week’s P video
how to grow peas from seed to harvest we planted some little Marvel peas in this
cute Callie Kim 5-gallon smart pots and I love the little sunflowers
Dok trellis that we put in now the peas have been out in the Sun all week and
they haven’t sprouted yet so I did move them into the shade yesterday and I’m
really hoping that they germinate very soon now in this garden bed right next
to me here it does look really overgrown but again things have been flowering and
I just haven’t had the heart to pull the flowers out and to thin it out and put
in my warm weather vegetables yet but I love this little flower right here these
are the dianthus from the cool season flower collection they’re an absolutely
beautiful flower very easy to grow and they really make a nice little edging
flower don’t you think right here along the front edge of this garden bed so
these will probably die out in the summer heat and then I’ll cut them all
back well I really wish you guys could be out here enjoying this beautiful
morning with me it’s so peaceful the birds are chirping there’s bees buzzing
around and I absolutely enjoy sitting here in the middle of these flowers so
again these garden beds are a little bit overgrown but you know what I’m enjoying
it and pretty soon we’ll be pulling out some of these vegetables overgrown
vegetables behind me and planting some warm weather crops so that’ll be a lot
of fun so let’s head over to the smart pots deck and I’ll show you what’s going
on over there but before I do that I just wanted to show you what nasturtiums
will look like once they start drying up in the heat so again yesterday was about
90 degrees here these were in full Sun for a good portion of the day and I
think these are going to need to be trimmed back because they just aren’t
taken the heat and nasturtiums aren’t supposed to take the heat so here on the
smart pots deck I did plant some cilantro here and some chives in this
little town 20 gallon smart pots and I like it right here in the corner because
it gets the Morning Sun but it gets the afternoon shade and cilantro is a cool
weather herb and I think this might be starting to bolt so I’m not sure how
much longer we’ll have the cilantro around but we’ll enjoy it while we can
now if you saw my picture on Instagram the other day I posted a picture of my
broccoli stalk and I know this container is looking pretty bad these are all the
cool weather vegetables here cool weather vegetables that aren’t really
making it in the heat I did decide to go ahead and harvest my broccoli I totally
forgot we were filming a video today or I would have waited but it was 90
degrees yesterday and I needed to pull it out because it was the flowers were
starting to open up and I was just afraid that it was
I’m gonna make it so the containers at the back here
I have kind of cleared out I am in the process of changing out the soil in
these containers I had some other soil in here that I’m just not fond of
because it got super compacted and I’m gonna be switching it out for the good
dirt potting mix over the next few weeks cleaning up the containers and then
replanting over here this soil is really compacted and I’ve just found that
doesn’t perform as well as the good dirt potting soil so we’ll definitely be
switching that out and I plan to plant my salsa garden remember that I started
that back in January and I still have the tomatoes growing and I’m gonna be
planting and peppers growing and I’m gonna be planting that right here in
this garden bed so make sure you stay tuned for that and you might want to
grab a salsa seed collection so that you can grow a salsa garden along with me so
I am really excited about this container right here this is a 20 gallon smart
pots it has a Golden Jubilee tomato for my tomato seed collection one of the
first full-sized Tomatoes I have planted out in the garden for this spring now if
you can see here I have the smart pots fold hat folded halfway down I filled it
halfway with good dirt potting mix and as the tomato grows what I’m gonna do is
fold the sides up fill it with soil and that way the tomato plant will grow
roots from wherever it touches the soil it’ll be a nice sturdy plant that won’t
sway in the wind it’ll be really really sturdy and strong so I’m very excited to
harvest some Golden Jubilee Tomatoes over the next couple of months now at
the container right next to it here I planted the yellows crookneck I think
it’s a crookneck squash from my spring garden seed collection I’m so excited
guys because right here we already have a squash developing actually a couple of
squash is developing so if you don’t have a lot of garden space you can still
grow large vegetables a lot of vegetables in containers on a balcony or
patio now I’m loving the look of this long raised bed here on the edge of the
deck and a couple plants I’m really excited about in this container the
first one being the Tiny Tim tomato this is the perfect container tomato if you
don’t have a lot of space so in my small space seed collection is called the Tiny
Tim tomato it all grows to about two feet tall and would
you look at these Tomatoes is already producing Tomatoes it grows and ripens
them very quickly I think in about sixty days or so but these are so much fun
there are very snackable size to pick right in the garden and to eat right in
the garden or to throw in salads so we’ve been picking a little handful of
these every couple of days mmm oh my goodness guys if you have never
had a homegrown tomato you have got to grow your own they are so delicious and
you’ll never go back to store-bought again
oh yeah camera guy you’ve got to try this Wow is that amazing Wow it’s like a
flavor explosion I was not expecting that
so guys you can grow your own Tomatoes you can do it no matter if you have a
backyard a patio a deck a balcony you can do it now one of my favorite
varieties of lettuce is this Paris cause romaine lettuce right here and this is
in the lettuce seed collection also in the heat tolerant green seed collection
look at these beautifully shaped leaves aren’t those gorgeous they’re nice and
firm they hold up really well to salad dressings and they are it is a more heat
tolerant variety of lettuce it’s usually good up until about 80 degrees before it
starts to kind of wilt out in the Sun and it is a great variety of lettuce
definitely always has a spot here in my garden and if you see along the edge of
the garden bed here I planted some marigolds now marigolds are supposed to
repel bugs and these are just picked up at the garden center I didn’t grow them
from seed but I like the nice big heads here and the great thing about marigolds
is when you pinch off the heads like this one is looking a little bit raggedy
so if I pinch it off here they’re gonna grow new flower heads on top just like
this one is right next to it I pinch this one off a couple of days ago and
look there’s new little flower heads popping up marigolds will really take
the heat and they’re super easy to grow from seed as well or you can pick up
six-packs at your garden center very inexpensively now I didn’t want to take
a quick peek under the shade cloth here
remember we planted this last week we planted some peas under here and I’ve
had it covered with shake off because it’s been kind of hot this week but I
want to take a quick peek and see how the peas are doing wow they’re looking
good it was 90 degrees yesterday so I was a little bit worried about it but I
did come out here and give him a little bit of extra water but it looks like
they’re coming right along and hanging in there and this plant over here we
actually harvested some from the video on Saturday but it’s got a few more
piece coming on so I think we might get some more harvest before the weather
gets hot now if you guys recall over the winter time we planted some scarlet
runner beans on this side of the trellis now I actually did have to replant the
ones we planted in the video because we got a frost
and they died but now the scarlet runner beans are coming in absolutely gorgeous
I cannot even tell you how excited I am about these beans look at that flower is
not absolutely beautiful so in this all these plants start to flower it is going
to be absolutely stunning and you can see they’re climbing their way up the
trellis and starting to get all the way up here so they prop their super tall
beans they probably will climb an arch all the way over this trellis which is
going to be absolutely amazing now I haven’t even had to tie them up
they grab onto the trellis very easily if you see this little vine here I come
out every couple of days and look for these little vines and then I just wind
them around the trellis and they grab right on
so scarlet runner beans are in my bean seed collection they do like the cooler
weather so it’s the best to get them planted in the springtime and then as I
harvest and these beans die out I’ll plant some other warm weather vegetables
along the base maybe some butternut squash or some other climbing vegetables
scarlet runner beans are so delicious they’re super tender I can’t wait to eat
them one last thing for this garden bed is the sunflowers every year I have
volunteers sunflowers in this garden but I absolutely love them they’re popping
up right here they’re really starting to take off with the warm weather we’ve
been having it’s going to be a lot of fun to see these
now here we have the orange tree member when he did that accidental harvest on a
video last fall super exciting we’ve got some flowers and some little teeny tiny
baby oranges starting to develop so super excited about that but keping it
keeping it well watered and well fertilized I’ve got these little
seedlings popping up in the bottom here I’m not even sure what these are so if
these look familiar to any of you let me know
I don’t remember planting any seeds in here but you never know I could have
planted some and forgotten about it now this garden bed gets the most Sun in my
garden so I always try and plant a lot of peppers here now if you guys watch
the video the other day on trimming back kale a lot of you commented that it
looks like an octopus I never thought of had but it really is true so I’m going
to be keeping this well watered over the next few weeks and looking forward to
some little baby leaves popping out so if you didn’t catch that video you want
to go back and watch it and make sure you don’t pull out your old kale you
prune it back and wait for the new growth now these nasturtiums will
probably quickly be pooping out in the heat now right next to it I did really
prune back a pepper plant really hard I think this is a California wonder pepper
I really thought this plant would die but it’s starting to branch out so I’m
really excited that it’s going to be regrowing and I’ll have more pepper
plants very soon so you definitely can prune back your pepper plants for brand
new growth and we’re gonna just continue along this garden bed here I just
planted a couple of peppers in here a few weeks ago they’re looking a little
bit ratty we did have some cold nights so they haven’t really been growing too
much yet peppers really do like the warm nights the 50 to 60 degree temperatures
so if your nights are still in the 30s you might want to wait at our 30s and
40s you might want to wait a little bit before you set your pepper plants out
but they’re looking good they’re gonna make it and they’ll be starting to put
on some new growth especially now that the weather is warm so same thing in the
front here with this pepper plant I do have a couple little peppers on it and I
think this is a California wonder pepper plant and I anticipate new growth as the
weather is warming up now one kind of bummer thing is but it’s just the way it
goes as soon as I start getting enough Sun in my backyard
because it is shaded a lot during the wintertime the cool weather plants start
growing but about that time the weather gets too hot so this cabbage here is
actually just starting to head up because I’m getting more Sun but now the
weather’s getting hot so I don’t expect we’ll get a very good full cabbage head
out of this one now a plant I’m really excited to see come back is this plant
right here these were the teeny tiny red Thai chilies again I pruned it back
really hard and you can see all the new growth here I’ve been giving it the
vermis terra worm castings worm tea the good dirt plant food it’s really
starting to leaf out again so I’m super super excited because I actually had a
viewer give me seeds for this so it’s kind of a special plant for me now along
the edge of this garden bed I planted some chives which are a cool weather
herb a perennial and they’re really starting to leaf out now and I’ll be
harvesting these and putting them into omelets it’s how we really like to eat
them and into salads now I could use a little bit of advice about this plant
here it really took a lot of frost damage over the winter time I’ve had it
in here for maybe three years and I actually don’t even remember the name of
this flower here but I’m kind of considering pulling it out so I wanted
to see what you guys thought I don’t think it really looks that great anymore
and it really does shade out this little area here and and I like to plant
peppers along here but the peppers behind this plant never do really well
so leave me a comment and let me know what you think I should do with this
plant on this smart pots a long container here I just planted some bean
seeds yesterday for my bean seed collection so I’m really excited about
that because they’re going to be different colors I planted the Royal
burgundy Bush beans along the edge here in the middle I planted the slender @
beans which are our smaller variety of beans really great for container growing
and along the outside edge here I planted the yellow wax beans so it’s
going to be purple beans on the outside edge green beans on the middle and then
yellow beans on the other outside edge an absolutely beautiful combination so
really excited about that now I also cut back the prizm kale this is prism kale
it’s a compact variety of kale all-america selections a variety
absolutely stunning kale you can see a couple of large stocks
right in the middle of the garden bed which I pruned back just yesterday and
took these inside now these leaves were still in really good shape they looked
very similar to this so I am gonna be using these in a salad to bring to our
family Easter dinner on Sunday now I did want to give you guys just a quick
little look here at the grapevine remember that video we did a few months
back I asked for your help on a trellis so we haven’t got our trellis built yet
but we definitely need to now I prune back the grapevine this tree is kind of
getting overgrown too and it’s really starting to show a lot of new growth so
we really do need to get out here and put that trellis up sounds like a new
project to me I think it’ll be a fun one I actually just noticed that these
branches here are starting to flower which means that we really need to get
out and get this trellis built before these branches get to grown so we can
start training them over the trellis well I have lots of plans for this
garden bed but right now I’m just enjoying the flowers they are just
absolutely incredible this year this believe it or not guys is a giant sage
plant would you look at these beautiful purple flowers the bees are absolutely
loving it eventually once these flowers dry up and die I’ll be cutting this sage
plant way back the wonderful thing is though oh my gosh it smells so heavenly
in here too but the wonderful thing about sage is here in California it’s a
perennial so if this plant has been in here for about seven years believe it or
not I cut it back once or twice a year and it’s just a mammoth so right in here
we have some celery that grows every year a tree seeds believe it or not I
only planted celery in here a couple of times it’s gone to seed and it always
just grows back in abundance every single year and of course the
nasturtiums are my absolutely favorite so my plans for this garden bed are
probably to put another climbing squash in here maybe the butternut or a
spaghetti squash I’ll put some tomatoes in here and maybe back in here it gets a
little bit more shaded in the afternoons I’ll put some cucumbers because they
really do like the afternoon shade and of course we’re the strawberry towers in
front there are starting to kind of leaf out and branch out now
what I really need to do with a couple of my strawberry towers especially the
two white ones are divide the strawberry plants and spread them out they’re
really getting crowded in there the soil is getting kind of compacted so I want
to switch out the soil add some new nutrients and redo a couple of the
strawberry crepe towers so you want to stay tuned for videos on that as well
now this container here is where I have my mint now I know it doesn’t look like
much yet I did a hard prune back on my mint just a few weeks ago I pruned it
back literally to the sticks here and the cool thing about mint is when you
prune it back hard it will start to grow back so you can see I’ve already got
some new growth would be some fresh new green leaves if you’re growing mint I
highly recommend growing it in a container so it doesn’t invade your
whole garden now I mentioned about celery going to seed and here is a
celery plant right here that is flowering and going to seed well I hope
you enjoyed the spring garden tour and enjoyed the beautiful colors that the
garden is right now I just want to encourage you whether you’re growing on
a windowsill a balcony a patio or a yard grow your own vegetables you can do it
it’s so much fun yes follow your heart if that is really what your desire is
then love it use the space you have and watch it grow when you harvest a basket
of your own organic vegetables all the effort you put into planting and
nurturing it is worth it and you’re gonna love it thanks so much for
watching we’ll see you know

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  22. Everything looks absolutely gorgeous. The colors are just so beautiful. I loved this video., Full of great info and beauty as well. Thanks. Blessings, Bertha in TEXAS

  23. The white flowers are periwinkles they are perennials they have a purple variety too
    The have great medicinal value being
    cancer destroyer and helpful in easing arthritis and rheumatic pains especially the white variety it's a blessing that you have this everlasting supply of this low maintenance medicinal flower.

  24. I had a microgreens nasturtium flat and I decided to transplant them in raised bead.
    They are pretty young but I'm anticipating a burst of yellow & orange soon. I hope they can survive the 48 C temperature.

  25. I think that one plant is a vinca, those grow crazy if they have the opportunity I wouldn’t get rid of it all just cut it back

  26. Thanks Kim Nothing better than a TOUR! The poppies are even growing out of my sidewalk cracks! I may be done with peas for the season, time for BEANS

  27. Hi the bush plant u want to remove is white periwinkle. I think some falling flowering plants would do better…..lots of love frm sharmeen frm mauritius. I can tell u that i am a big fan of yours and i practice roof gardening

  28. Vinca is the name of your overgrown flowers bed, it does reseed it self.
    I would pull it out and wait for the new ones to pop up

  29. OH Guys what a fabulous video- we are supposed to be in Autumn here in Australia but ???? I don't think so – climate change is playing havoc with us over here- still 27C in late April.
    It is making growing very hard but I will persevere & keep trying as all gardeners do. Cheers Denise – Brisbane Ausralia

  30. I love the idea about folding the smart pot down for the tomato and then raising and filling it as the plant grows. Brilliant!! The white flower in the pepper bed is a Vinca. Sounds like you might want to pull it out and make way for more peppers but if you do want to keep it for interest, just prune it way back like the peppers and it will bush out again. I have the same only purple. Great video as always. 🙂

  31. hi Kimmi! The purple looks like something in the thistle family, means your garden will support artichokes!-same family- The Nasturtium atre fabulous still too cold for mine to sprout, but they will come!Thank you for sharing your garden with us! my suggestion: Lose the white Impatiens in favor of more peppers, i agree with Leticia from BearFruit Gardening, You can stick another more manageable flower in after your hot peppers get established.See:I pay attention! i know my way around your garden beds!😍🦋👍

  32. Little green worms have completely destroyed my sugar snap pea plants. Leaves are being eaten like crazy. They actually are still producing pods and I am harvesting as much as I can before the plant it completely gone. But how can I prevent these worms from coming back next season?

  33. Kim! I think the flower at 19:05 is a vinca major or vinca minor it could also be a Madagascar periwinkle. These plants can spread a lot. So u should pull it out

  34. Hello Kim I am doing a presentation on small space gardening can you give me some tips.can't wait to see your live stream.I am a child

  35. The flower with bees all over looks like bee balm! Your garden looks beautiful! I’m in northern Ohio, so I just started planting my spring crops!

  36. The flowers are gorgeous, Kim! I have seedlings coming up from all of your flower collections. Soooo excited thinking about how I may not have to buy any flower starts this season thanks to you! Same for veggies. Most of my veggie seedlings are from your collections. My kitchen counter and cold frame are pretty crowded, again thanks to your inspiration and encouragement. 😍🌱😍🌱😍

  37. I planted a lot of nasturtuims about a week ago around my raised beds, I hope they look like yours beautiful………..

  38. Kim your garden is stunning! I get so motivated when I watch your videos you're a big inspiration! Thank you 😇 many blessings to you and camera guy 💖

  39. How coincidental! This year, we decided to plant some flowers with our vegetables to try to attract pollinators and repel pests. We planted California Poppies, Borage, and Nasturtiums. You took your electric hedge trimmer to tame your nasturtiums, and I am about to go take my electric clippers and buzz and fade some heads today.

  40. Always love the tours 😍.I keep repeating myself : absolutely love the layout of your hill garden . Those white vincas are going to reseed big time , you could pull out the jungle . The nasturtiums are stunning this time in your garden 😍. I'm hoping to see lots more fruit trees and moringa in your beautiful garden ❤️.

  41. What if you only had one indoor pot how many different can you plant together or what’s the most useful

  42. Hi CaliKim and camera guy 😉, your garden looks soooo fabulous. I love nasturtium, cant wait for mine to grow, to have them in mine salads ( never tried them before ) The lovely blue flower, from your wild flowers bed, looks to me to be a phacelia. You can check it out here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phacelia_tanacetifolia 🙂
    Have great season and greatings from Poland – Sylvia ☺️❤️

  43. It just looks gorgeous! I don't have the heart to cut stuff like that back, either, especially when they're doing so well.

  44. The rule of thumb in Athens GA is never plant anything til after Easter, so you're way ahead of me! You must live inland, cuz all my friends who live on The Coast are still very cool, nowhere near 90 degrees. I'll go out to work the soil and plant this year's first bed tomorrow. Can't wait to see everything come to life again this year. Nothing beats going out to the garden and picking dinner.

  45. Hey CaliKim 😃
    Wow what beautiful flowers. I have never grown that many flowers in my garden .I love the colors . Super job 🤗
    I just planted my cucumbers.
    And We enjoying the weather .
    Thanks for your video.
    Take care

  46. Oh my gosh Kim, your garden is gorgeous! I'm having a new shed installed (yeah!) and it has a window box that I'm going to plant nasturtiums in. I tried them in containers last year but never got any blooms – probably started them too late when the weather was just too hot.

  47. We have had our third warm day here in Iowa! I brought my seedlings out, but the wind is a bit harsh for them today. I can't wait to get some good dirt to fill all my smartpots and get everything planted! Thanks for all the inspiration you two!

  48. aaaand I'm going out tomorrow to buy more nasturtium seeds lol! How fantastic and beautiful! Great video as always!

  49. Hola you guys!!! Ah, so nice of you taking us for a walk around your garden 🙂 So much to enjoy seems like it was over to quick! And the tomato snacking, I’m so jealous you two… hahaha… but I’ll have some soon and I can’t wait! Some beautiful weather out here as well and today, Sunday… I was able to get some more peppers transplanted in their permanent spots, exciting!!! Hope the weekend has been good to your loved ones and to you both my friends… now it’s on to the next video for me 🙂

  50. @CaliKim29 I love seeing all the luscious green in your garden! We are starting a raised garden bed and was wondering if the bordering in your video at the 2:00 mark would be good to keep out the raccoons and opossums that like to visit the backyard overnight. I was thinking of placing them around the border so I could still reach my plants but the critters couldn't get it. Thank you!

  51. Wow!! The garden is looking so great!! Thank you so much for sharing! I'm having trouble growing lettuce without it bolting so fast right now here in florida, so I'll be putting them inside soon. My garden is starting to bloom and produce so I'm really excited to be harvesting soon😁🐞

  52. Olá gosto muito do seu canal ,amo ver as colheitas. Queria comprar algumas sementes mas infelizmente não enviam para o Brasil

  53. 2019 must be the year for nasturtiums. I never had much luck, which is sad because I absolutely love them and would love lots all over the place like you have. But mine would always grow maybe 10 inches, make 1 or 2 flowers then die 😬 This year though for some reason they are really going off! I don’t understand how either, since I did nothing different 🤷🏻‍♀️ lol

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