Sreekrishnapuram Jaiva karshaka Samithi |Organic Fruit Cultivation

Sree Krishnapuram Organic Farming Samiti is fulfilling a big dream of growing all the vegetables & fruits needed for a small household from a small area of land. They are attaining the goal of growing poison & chemical free fruits and vegetables in a simple hassle free manner. This is the beginning of the fulfillment of a big dream. This land was a rubber estate earlier. We have cut down all the rubber trees and we intend to create a fruit tree plantation. We wish to cultivate all fruits available in the market, we almost got all the varieties of fruits like coconut, areca nut, papaya, banana plantain, black plum or jamun, korandi pazham (Salacia fruiticosa) in addition to that even fruits available outside India. We were in the preparations of setting up this farm for the last 2-3 months. The first step towards this is compost preparation. We will need 1-2 loads of coco peat and make a compost out of it. First we will put one layer of coco peat Animal droppings from goat,then coco peat, Then animal doppings from hen and cow dung are used, one layer of animal dropping, one layer of coco peat and again a layer of cow dung, the process is repeated in that manner. This is created as a bund and kept so, for 2-3 months. This forms the foundation of the soil. We first measured the land. We measured it using a thread and struck sticks to separate them. There is a distance of 11 feet between each stick. The area surrounding each stick was made to divide into equal squares. A coconut sapling is planted in all four corners of the square. The distance between two coconut saplings is kept as 44 feet. In the center of these equal squares, a tree having a large canopy is planted, near to it bush type plants can be planted. We divided the trees into three. There are coconut trees, big trees, medium trees, small trees and a bush. Banana and papaya are also planted in each square. By the time coconut tree grows to give yield, papaya and banana plantain will not be needed. Just to get a yield or output in the initial years ie 2-3 years, papaya and banana plantains are grown. The aim we have is that in four years of time trees should be growing in that space without competing with each other, in all these squares of land. We have left gaps among the plants in such a way that, in a later stage, one tree should not hinder the growth of the other. So trees are chosen based on the canopy and their size. We utilize graphs to mark positions. Sreekrishnapuram Jaiva Karshaka Samiti able to practically implement this concept in their own land, as a result of which many people approached them seeking help for replicating the concept in their respective farms. The farms the Samiti undertook for other people in the initial phase are now giving really good output. The initiative was realized as a part of our study to find out how agriculture can be carried out fruitfully in a compound or plot surrounding the house. We have based our cultivation primarily on coconut trees. If we cultivate coconut as per the directives of the agricultural officer, we would not be able to cultivate other plants near the premises of the tree after ten years or so, when the coconut tree is full grown. But we have planted trees, shrubs & plants in such a way that they do not compete with each other for sunlight even as years pass by. Usually when we make a compost out of cow dung, goat droppings, hen droppings, it takes about six months for that compost to form and become suitable for plant cultivation. But in our Coimbatore Omega company, there is a product named “jeevanu bio compost “, if we mix it with coco peat and water and irrigate the plants, it is showing fruitful results in just two months! Since there are numerous organic microbes present in the manure, it is showing surprising results. We have an experience where fruit saplings which are brought from the nursery, which otherwise promises an output in three years are giving a fruitful output in just 18 months. Any person having at least 20 cents of land can undertake this kind of farming method. It will serve all the food requirements of a household with 5 members. Around 75-80 varieties of fruit trees can be planted in 20 cents of land. Varieties include coconut, mango, jackfruit, papaya, curry leaves, banana. We can also gain a small income by planting pepper, coconut, papaya. We have planned it in such a way that you would be able to sell the harvest/ output in a small quantity even among your friends and generate a small income. People who have directly witnessed and experienced our initiative are informing others about us through mediums like Whatsapp and many people from different parts of Kerala has adopted this kind of farming. We are able to generate an interest among people to undertake a similar kind of farming. Sree Krishnapuram Organic Farming Samiti is ever ready to assist anyone who is interested in agriculture to attain a surprising harvest or output from a small area of land. The Samiti acts as a guiding light to an agriculture-oriented way of living which is gaining much popularity these days.

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