Sreemangal Travel Story | Let’s Explore the Beauty of Tea Gardens Together !!

What’s up guys Welcome back to my new travel episode in Sreemangal Today it is very cold in Sreemangal Now it’s 8 am I’m out now At first, I will go to the Panshi Restaurant to have breakfast Panshi Restaurants are very popular in Sreemangal and Sylhet areas One more thing I have hired a CNG The rent of the CNG is 800/- Taka The driver will take us to every location in Sreemangal So at first we will go to the Panshi Restaurant There we will have our breakfast Then we will leave to explore the beauty of Sreemangal So guys see you at Panshi Restaurant Lets go I said earlier that the foods of all restaurants around Sylhet are excellent So the food here in Panshi Restaurant is awesome So now we will leave for the Madhabpur lake On the way we will see the Noor Jahan tea garden The beauty of the tea gardens on the both sides of the road will captivate you Next to the tea garden we saw a rubber garden The tea gardens on the both side of the road look incredible I have never seen such beautiful road and now I am in a rubber garden The trees around me are rubber trees These are rubber trees I will tell you how rubbers are produced Here is a little pot If you cut the tree skin like this the liquid rubber will fall in this pot Then rubber is produced by cooling it Incredibly beautiful In front of rubber garden there are many tea gardens These are tea gardens of flat land From there we continue our journey towards Noor Jahan tea garden On this way, you will see the Grand Sultan Tea Resort So we have come near to Noor Jaha tea garden Awesome The views are fantastic The view of the tea gardens on the both side of the road is awesome So I have come to Noor Jahan tea garden It’s a huge tea garden The tea gardens are all over the hill Awesome Everything is green On this side, the trees are trimmed Awesome Now we will go up to that hill and show you the full view This is the Noor Jahan tea garden Incredibly beautiful Let me give you a information It is obvious that you will buy tea if you come to Sreemangal Never buy tea from the tourist spots Because you will never get quality tea here You need to buy good quality tea from the big shops at Market Then you will get good quality tea Awesome Fantastic Just look at the view Incredibly beautiful I need to run as the hill is quite high If I walk like this, it will take a lot of time Ok guys Let’s run Wow Wow Incredibly beautiful I am at the top of the hill The stunning view of the tea garden Such a beautiful view that can be in Bangladesh that I never imagined Obviously come to Bangladesh and see our beauties Your heart will be satisfied Wow I am tired Seems like I can’t go up anymore To see the beauty some struggles are must to do Wow See how high I have climbed Down this all are tea gardens In the far distance everything is tea garden Ok guys Now I am getting down Then I will go to the next destination So now we are getting down the tea garden Incredibly beautiful It’s a bit risky to get down because it is a slope Be careful while getting down It’s necessary to be careful Uncle What are these trees called? They are odoratissima Ok The trees in between the tea garden are odoratissima Simply it is called ‘Koroi’ tree and they call it odoratissima The reason of keeping these big trees in between the tea gardens is that they provide shade to the tree plants and to hold the tea plants strongly with the soil Look at the roots of the trees The roots are huge all over the garden They help holding the tea plants For these reasons ‘Koroi’ trees are planted and these are very huge and long lasting trees Ok guys Now we are leaving the Noor Jahan tea garden Now we will go to the Madhabpur lake See you at the Madhabpur lake Lets go So this man is taking me to all of the places of Sreemangal by CNG What’s your name? My name is Dilip He is Dilip He is from Sreemangal He is familiar with every place of Sreemangal In case you come here I am giving his name and contact number in the description box If you call him he will be your guide and take you to explore Sreemangal Ok So now we are heading towards the Madhabpur lake So I have taken a young boy as my guide What’s your name, brother? My name is Suman Kurmi I study and work as a guide here There are lake, hills and tea gardens Very beautiful place If you like this place, come again we live here and I’ll take you to explore this place anytime Which grade are you in? I am in 9th grade He is in 9th grade He will help exploring the tea garden So where are we going first? At lake Ok. It’s Madhabpur lake, isn’t it? Madhabpur lake Ok Can we do fishing here? Many big fishes are available here Rui, Catla, Mrigal, Kali Baush, Grass Carp fishes are available here These are mother tea plants Yes The big plants beside me are called mother tea When tea plants are cut down after season then new plants are collected from these mother tea plants Am I right? Yes So guys Lets go to the Madhabpur lake We have to walk a little further So now we have come to the Madhabpur lake The lake is vast and very beautiful There are some lotus on the lake Water lilies and lotuses The vast lake is behind me So brother, how long the lake is ? This lake is 3.5 km long and 40-50 feet deep There are many big fishes in this lake Ok This lake is almost 3.5 km and its about 40-50 feet deep Can you imagine the depth? And the lake is surrounded with tea gardens The lake is on one side and the tea gardens are on another side Awesome beauty We will explore the lake and few spots Continue to watch Now we are climbing up to the hill We will see the awesome view of the lake from the top Along with this as it is a border area we will see the hills of India This is the hill India is 7 km from here So now we are at the top of the hill If you go 7 km in this way you will reach India The lake view is fantastic from the top of the hill This is our Bangladesh As the hill is quite high, it is bit difficult to climb Climb slowly but definitely climb You will miss a lot of things if you don’t climb This is the lake From this side the lake is almost 3 km long We are getting down from the hill now Remember one thing while getting down from the hill These tea plants are very strong Ok If you fall, hold the tea plants Then you won’t fall as these are very strong and get down carefully because If you fall down you can get hurt So now we are very close to the Madhabpur Lake Just look here the water lilies and lotuses are scattered Now we are walking along the Madhabpur Lake to leave this place This tea garden is the National Tea Garden That means it is owned by government We are drinking special tea from this tea garden We found this tea in a tea stall beside the Madhabpur Lake It’s the tea from this National Tea Garden Bengali Song The tea flavor was excellent It’s natural So guys we are now heading towards the Lawachara National Park We will go in this way by CNG So guys See you at Lawachara National Park Lets go Now we are inside the Lawachara National Park The forest on the both sides is the Lawachara National Park The road is very beautiful Keep watching the Lawachara National Park Incredible the forest on the both sides Big trees are everywhere Incredibly beautiful So we have reached the Lawachara National Park This is the gate of the Lawachara National Park We have to enter through this gate So the ticket price is 50/- Taka per person and it is 500/- Taka per person for foreigners So guys we will enter after getting the ticket Inside it is a big forest area We will explore the whole area Keep watching the Lawachara National Park So guys I am inside the Lawachara National Park So different kinds of trees and animals are here In this sign board all the names of trees and animals are included There are many trees and different kinds of animals are here So we will go forward by this way I will go straight to the Lawachara National Park trough this path At present it is used as a wildlife sanctuary Many animals are here So a good thing about this is that every tree is specified by name If the nature lovers and the plant lovers come here, can get a idea about different trees We are now at the middle of nature Wow Look how beautiful the sky is ! Fantastic Forest everywhere Yes It’s an adventure We heard that tribal villages are also here You have to buy extra ticket to visit the tribal villages You have to take a guide But we have to return back to Dhaka today So we couldn’t manage time If you have time, must visit the tribal villages These are the joys here If you mix with the people and nature, you will able to have the real joy While travelling never forget to eat the local foods and try something traditional and its better to come here with time So we have found the famous rail line Many famous photographers come here for photoshoot This is the road Incredibly beautiful Forest on both sides and the rail line is in middle Fantastic View is awesome So we are going to the Nilkantha Tea Cabin from the Lawachara National Park There we will drink 7 layer tea So we are now at the front of the Nilkantha Tea Cabin 7 layer tea is available here The 7 layer tea is very popular in Bangladesh So we will try 7 layer tea So guys see you inside and I will tell you the taste Seven flavors are mixed in this 7 layer tea The taste is average Now we are going to the Monipuri village from here We will explore the Monipuri village and I will show you the handmade Monipuri products Ok guys we are now going to the Monipuri village So guys we have reached at the Monipuri village There are many small shops like this in the Monipuri village Here you can get handmade Monipuri products like Saree, three piece and shawl These are very beautiful I will go inside a shop and show you the Monipuri products So now I am at a Monipuri Shop What’s the name of this shop, brother? Alok Monipuri Handicraft So we did shopping from this shop The products are very reasonable and beautiful here If you come, must visit this shop Sister you make all these products, don’t you? Yes They make these from their own loom and the products are beautiful We bought some products If you have time, must visit this shop So I have come to a tea shop at Sreemangal He is the owner of this shop What’s the name of this shop brother? My shop’s name is Golden Leaf Tea Golden Leaf Tea So he will tell us about the best tea of Sreemangal and the prices of tea So brother what kinds of teas are available in Sreemangal? The best tea in our city is Tea Gold (TG) The processing of TG is very different and it is made with lots of care and there are some gardens that produces TG It is not produced in every garden as it is costly Its taste and flavor is totally different and It is the best tea What’s the price of it? The price is 600/- Taka per Kg and then BT-2 is available BT-2 is the award winning tea in 1987 from Bangladesh Tea Research Institute (BTRI) BT-2 is also a good quality tea Including BTRI many gardens produce BT-2 The per kg of BT-2 is 400/- Taka Its taste and flavor is also different And specially the taste and flavor vary with the different tea gardens Beside this we have clone tea Clone tea is produced almost in every garden Some gardens produce quality clone tea Those clone teas are expensive So I will put the name and the location of this shop in the description box You can come here If you buy tea from this shop you can place order from any part of Bangladesh If you pay money they can send tea by parcel by courier services and if you buy more than 5 kg then the courier charge will be free Ok guys So I hope you will get quality tea from here The beauty of Sreemangal is incomparable Actually the tea gardens of this area are really awesome So guys now I am leaving Sreemangal See you in the next episode at any corner of the world Stay happy till then Bye bye

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