I swiped right she looks so much like sniperwolf Oh wait…,, I Found you on tinder Who’s Joanne made this for fun at first but finding it fun now? I’m not 20 years old [5/8] is my height because apparently that matters at least if you’re gonna fake this, I’m 5/4. Alana? Lia? Oh wait that’s right, but I’m not 20. Shay? I ain’t 25 yet. Oh oh oh Pamela I would I would swipe right on Pamela. Ellie is 20. Yeezus is my life [I’ll] [buy] the pizza [if] you buy the slurpee. What’s up guys, today we are doing a tinder video I was gonna do em’ like KSI did, but then I was like wait a lot of people make fake accounts of me So why don’t I make a fake account of Sniper wolf and go on tinder like all these people do but it’s not a fake, Account it’s actually me but I’m pretending to be a fake me. I’m pretending to Catfish myself. Let’s just pretend I’m not sniper wolf throughout this whole video okay, and I’m just using sniper wolf pics on tinder So I already went ahead and made an account. My name is Amanda because that’s what catfishes Do they just take the pictures and then change the name. about Amanda? What do we know about Amanda? Hi I’m on here for fun. I like Food and I like fun. I’ve never done one of these before so like…wha- How am I supposed to cater myself to these people? Oh wait, I know So we are done. We’re just gonna Swipe is it right or left, okay? Yeah, I’m gonna swipe right to everybody. Oh my God. I’m already matched I thought I was going to be like swiping through all of them But like I’m getting matched with all of them [I] feel like guys swipe on everybody did I just match up with a ring. Hey [girl]. This is the ring you’re gonna get. Is that Vanoss? Did I just get matched with Vanoss? Did this guy’s profile say Hunter/Gatherer? I just matched myself with an ad My favorite kind of match. [what] is this [guy] doing?Imma hold up my shirt all the way here and show you my stomach and my- What are you showing? What are you Showing me?There’s nothing to show it’s like some people try to show off stuff. Like does this guy think he looks better? [I] think this guy would look better with a shirt on he’d made more matches with a shirt on You guys know what I’m saying like Which one is it the girl or the guy? You don’t know if that’s his girlfriend? [you] don’t know if they’re looking for some fun. I’m looking for some fun Did I just get matched wha- look this guy I just got matched with I’m a strong independent black women who don’t need no man. If you don’t find me handsome You should at least find me handy convince me to do something most people wouldn’t. okay his other pics are normal But it’s like what is this? what kind of person you trying to pick up with this pic? Dang, I’m out of likes. [I’ma] [have] [to] buy this I’ma have to buy this. I’ma have to spend some real money [I] had to pay real money To upgrade my account. I’m trying to like everybody. I’m trying to make everybody feel good like damn I got a notification for a like. This guy look like he is married what you on Tinder for? Let’s check them crispy messages. Are you real? What would a catfish say, what do you mean? I’m not fake damn damn damn? So, you like…? no, but I like Actually, that’s that’s too easy. That’s too easy. Let’s let’s do this one. Hi I’m ismail the guy from [metal] [gear] I still don’t know how to say his name. Hey there Amanda. What’s new today? [I] didn’t think I would get any hits on here hear Hear. here. There’s a reason you don’t get any hits here I hate people that are like hey. How’s it going? Hey? What’s up? Hey? That’s what everybody says. Say something good Oh should we move in together now, or [just] let it run its course. See? Say shit like this This is what girls want to hear. Do you have any eggplant emoji at your place? Hi, Amanda? How’s your Monday going? So far? Did you have a fun weekend? Hey there. How are you? Bad. What do you do for [work]? You still go to school? [I] play games on twitch for money So what kind of fun Are you looking for? Frut and Veggie fun. Hello, Amanda what type of fun are we talking about? Oh, we got [another] one I like fruit and veggies. you put your yellow fruit in, and you shake it all about. Hi, Amanda I like the straightforward approach to your profile. I too like food ha ha ha This [guy] straight up gave me his number. also your widowmaker cosplay looks very accurate I’m not sure how tinder works, but I’m pretty sure we’re like engaged now right. not yet You just maybe google what peach emojis mean. What I’m eating peaches, [wow] you’re…let’s unmatched Taylor Because he thought peach emojI meant something else Inappropriate messages. Oh hey Sniper wolf. Oh my God exposed. Hi. What do you mean, this is me being shy, but trying to break the ice hahahahAHAHAHAH So Funny. I thought so. I am sammy nice to meet you Amanda nice to meet you, too Well aren’t you just as sexy as could be. I’d be [a] happy man being able to play with you every day What is this? this is like some rope? I am a Polymath Philosopher Poet who enjoys creative writing Amateur astronomy,playing with my pups and bondage Ok oh shit. It’s like Christian grey this guy will buy me dinner, but he won’t feed it to me [no] deal then But how do you feel about Fun?Why type when you can use emojis to Express yourself? Dang, I got matched with an ad it’s me Natural instincts ready to flirt with color no, no let’s, let’s unmatch [oh], you can unmatch an ad inappropriate photos and messages This is a very inappropriate ad I don’t like using box color. It’s very bad for your hair Hey, I told my mom you are my girlfriend. So should probably meet soon, Michael Hi, Michael. I’d love to meet your mom. play with all your little holes of course after I feed you I’m not just looking for a hookup though. I’d like something longer-term and meaningful Do you like spicy food and horror movies? [I] don’t like spicy food it gives me the shits, but yeah, I like horror movies Not that I’m against occasional fun If that’s all you’re after and need something big to play with but there is a lot more to me than that Yeah, guys there is a lot more to him than something big to play with What is your favorite food? I like fried Eggplant [I] actually do, fried eggplant. It’s not my favorite food, but you know you play overwatch?What’s overwatch Yeah, let’s start texting or chatting on the phone. What’s going on here. If you don’t know what’s going on here Then we’re not going to talk on the phone. I don’t wanna have to like… explain it This is you you decipher that yourself your pictures are of Sniper Wolf. No, they are me eggplant is one of those things that is only good if prepared by someone who really knows [what] they’re [doing] So, what are you doing on here? Just fun or something [more] I like fun and something more I know how to prepare a good eggplant I Do know how to and I’m legit talking about frying eggplant. [oh] the character You’re cosplaying is from the game, did I get the cosplay character wrong. Oh yeah, it’s from Street fighter [I] haven’t replied to this guy and he keeps messaging me]. [he’s] like you’re funny. I like you Thanks, you too. It looks like I super like you not sure what it is. I think it’s your glasses It’s probably my… Catfish? OH Oh, that’s that’s a little expose. Definitely not fired what you mean diaper. [wolf’s] [ass]. [oh] What you mean right? Now shows you about eight miles away Working oh, [God]. They doesn’t know where I am [they] go where I am I do to hide by location, [God] digga I paid for this [I] paid where I could hide my location Damn, it’s too bad. We couldn’t match sooner. I won’t be back in ass till may I’ll wait for you I mean, are you [the] person in the pictures? I suppose the answer is yes either way obviously? [it’s] me if they are of you then your sniper 100 I match with very few people probably something to do with my truck. [oh] he has that I don’t [know]. It’s very rare I match with somebody as easy on the eye as yourself if I do, they’re usually Just fake just trying to get me to watch their lame-ass camp show or something will you watch my camp show though I don’t want to seem too crazy But I would fight an army of frost giants and McDonald’s bathroom with only a shake weight for a weapon Just to take you out on a shitty spaghetti dinner at Olive Garden [hey] Don’t come out my favorite outing restaurant asshole and and and a shake way is a pretty substantial Weapon like breath you think you outnumber or something ok I can break somebody’s head with a shake weight What you mean, it doesn’t even matter? Also, how’s your disc game? Oh, there’s gifts on here Oh, I like this one because it’s the second one, and I don’t have to scroll through more to find one I guess [ourselves] are pretty good. They’re damn good. I just assumed a salad unmatch dusted inappropriate anything you want a Long way to approach somebody yeah booze. Why don’t you look up ss Blackroll fine YouTube 8 8 million Subscribers You’re not fooling anyone if it’s you snapchat me a picture of yourself, then I don’t have snapchat Can you not send pics on here? I don’t think you could send pics on here. What is that wow? You don’t even know what I am is wow how do you not know it’s my face. Oh my [God] he figured it out It’s a sweet potato on bitch. Ooh, he googled it. No, it’s a yam. [I’m] told. I’m a lot like a horse I really fun to ride, but no one wants to own me uh What was the red get up? He’s talking about the widow how to play your cheeto? He’d be a hot one [oh]? My God, so cringe sure drop-dead gorgeous am I really I think you are then why aren’t you dead? [hi]? [hi] [resurrected] myself mercy. [main]. No, thanks. Hey Amanda name sounds like ass higher Do you like older men? Yes? Have you been with an older guy and he sent me a peach and a wave? What does that even mean that was beautiful Monday treating you Amanda Badly? Hi, Amanda? 361 miles away are you from La ha ha? [stop] sending me Gibby’s. I don’t like to get the again Maybe this one is [ok] why is that pink outfit geez everybody calling me out? What is that my PJs ok so? I keep stopping [my] reporting and then starting it again, but before I’m not going to show who it is But I just showed a show in La and I got matched with one of the guys on [the] show [oh] So embarrassing. I’m not gonna. I’m not gonna say who it was look like it [I’d] give any date all right So I [took] a break went for a hike ate food and now I am back to reading messages [I] thought happy to start [you] with an h. Why does my start with you. What is this? Why is it so long high widowmaker want to hear a joke? There’s a kid in high school a senior Me [Waitin] with the way who still I guess this is it [whoa] [lady] [perfume] [is] [ish] Method [she’s] so she walks over to get drinks. Who there’s no punch line [I] read all that for nothing I Write all that for nothing. [I] read all of that for nothing. [this] is a very inappropriate message and Triggers my ocd [I] Bet you totally second smash [rose] ground actually really good. I’d be sausage season playing his whole life you have a great smile What’s up, where? Any of these pics in my smiling you haven’t seen my real smile. I consider a smile like I Have a really ugly keep smile so so I don’t are you smart? What do you do for work? What is your favorite boys [shirt] a lot you have a kick-ass looking bedroom? Seriously the wood floors awesome headboard and a giant closet trade you this guy says he’s [our] Architect your are an architect do it yourself hello there you’re not from here. Oh, oh, I’ll just See myself out What up mashed taters? Sometimes I like to go to my grandmother’s garden bury myself on the dirt and send them a carrot This is my kind of guy right here pancakes? pancake?! Excuse you I’m a d-cup. Did that guy just like my message I didn’t even know this was a thing you can like the message instead of replying to them you like food and you like fun hahahahaha How basic that’s why he matched me bitch his name is Tony and he works at Tony and guy This is the worst hair thing ever why he look like canisius [matamata]. Here’s some fun for you marry fuck kill: me hitler and me again kill you and fuck you like we fuck you lee get out of here and Marry Hitler damn she chose hitler over you Hi there, Amanda fire monkey emoji, smile because you looked hahaha Emojis you look very dominant huh in the one outfit Smiley face gorgeous Little Devil winky face I really like the black dress as well. I’m jason so you want to hang out tonight It’s going to be almost full moon again tonight. We could go for a fun ass drive in my 2015 Wrx with the Moonroof open and us being very open. I’ll let you drive if you are up for it Yo what if What if what if seriously? I went out with this guy right now. I drove this car and i wrecked it like like what are you going to do? You don’t you don’t offer a complete stranger to drive your car? Do you have a band-aid? I scraped my knee falling for you HAHAHAHAHA thats so funny When you eat a taco do you turn your head to the side of the taco or the Taco? I kinda do a little bit of both if you know what I mean, I just had carne Asada Tacos [I] made them a new one hella good [damn] Amanda Are you the ACT because I do you for three and a half hours with only a [15] [minute] snack break? Look at this dude Yeah, look at that Gucci belt Oh quite the classy by [their] [man] [zephyr] tell me what’s your idea of the [perfect] Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Sunday Everything is busy every single [city] every single every single every single Sunday If he doesn’t get it. He’s not the guy for me daddy likes him hand done He thought my skin is made of boyfriend material [I] Died you that dog is [still] pretty cute [oh] my God? I only get one super like I used it on you, please. Tell me you’re a real How are you today dinner tomorrow damn I [even] get to say hi, yuri leader tomorrow. Hi, I’m fake How are you and somebody’s going to me what why one kiss King is I? Don’t know one. It’s been a lot of people like always This is a lot related to this video But so [many] people out of like tweeting me and like commenting it and I [don’t] understand what it means Sam’s got trying to hypnotize me from a get one we buy you dinner girl’s gotta eat. Yo, I? Seriously thought Eddie droppage is like God tinder, and it would have to pay for food ever again. It’s like Doggy would fare Virus actually hurts it hurts from swiping people, but anyways, that’s all for today hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did make sure that sound like my do stuff as the schedule looks at ah Why I love you guys so [much] for watching bye guys you


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