Starting Gargantua, my continuous flow through worm bin

hey guys so this is gargantuan my new CFT worm farm and this is stencil helping me tearing off the cardboard for the bedding material so I’ve started to lay about three to four inch of cardboard here on top of the bar and I will be putting some more entered capoeira I will be pre soaking in water I’m also adding some egg boxes cardboard these are just like twelve eggs trains and there we go this is the final place for go against you are to digest all the kitchen scraps and I give to the world so here there were one two three of these beans here we got quite a few of them as you can see oh well now start to cut it up a little bit and we’ll then finish adding the bedding material to the gargantuan the cardboard has been added and now we’ll have to go and try it on paper and collect a bit of old grass clippings from the corner to garden before going to shred some paper I found this my mum clean up the garden for us and put in this little basket all the old leaves so I’m gonna empty them into the CFE so you could use a Leo very cheap five sheets paper shredder to shred the newspaper here all this would be just hand tear them about one inch wide and I find that hand tearing the newspaper is quicker than using the shredder because the show they only accepts in a4 format which is too small for the newspaper so you have to basically fold it in half and then target the hole to put it through pursue to tear it just like very quick I’m now adding the hand torn and shredded newspaper you I’ll mix it up a little bit you don’t have to but I want a cowboy you also be a bit fluffy with a paper so that the oxygen goes through newspaper is easily compacted whilst the the cardboard is not so cardboard are actually better for the airflow I have done here some depth markers every 6-inch so this one is the second one from the bottom so this is the 12-inch level that should be where my bedding arrives but I will not get to there because I will be emptying the the existing worm farms bedding here so that should be getting to the level of the words under the guideline so I would be reading a little bit you know the bedding is should be stable you know you can’t add too much garden line because it’s neutral in a neutral environment and it’s only start to react with an acidic bedding to neutralize it so adding too much should not be a problem there we go i flooded all the bidding materials that I could find and now I’m gonna start emptying the existing worm farms so I’m going to start with this world cafe here there we go the top layer should be where the worms are defeating tray but nice one here this worm farm I’ve collected from a freecycle community here and a lady didn’t want to use them anymore so of salvage them and I believe there is a mix of red wigglers and also blue worms in here so I don’t mind blue worms and they are very good composter so no problem but so I’m going to empty that but I will empty the bottom trace first because they have the bedding material that I’ve added when I receive the year the worms and I will empty these later on so I’ve emptied two worm cafes and one worm factory and we have basically covered the 12 inches marker and the positive still holding a and this is one city gargantuan over there with some mix of red wigglers blue aliens and on the greens a little work from here it’s what I think is purely red wigglers I wouldn’t create that I turn into a worm farm and here it’s another mix of red and blue and some European nightcrawlers here and these are now for worm farms all empty I will be donating them to to the community tea and some friends I will be feeding gargantuan probably maybe tonight or tomorrow

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