Starting seeds and fertilizing seedlings

starting seeds fertilizing seedlings and
creating healthy plants is always a challenge and today’s episode we review
all these steps for starting seeds and fertilizing seedlings so the first step
in starting seedlings is to choose a good seed starting mix now I have grown
seedlings and straight up vermiculite or peat moss but the best seed starting mix
involves creating a mix of either coco coir or peat moss perlite or vermiculite
and compost mixed in the proportions as you see here you can add 10% worm
castings if you do not have worm castings you can always add some
additional compost this creates a perfect seed starting mix that will let
your seeds emerge into healthy seedlings now to kill any kind of bacteria or to
kill any kind of insects or diseases that have been developing in the soil
but you can do is cover the seedlings with a thin plastic cover or sheet as
you see here make sure that you use transparent plastic and not opaque and
what we’re going to do is just seal this seed starting mix and then leave it out
in the Sun for a few days this process is called solarization or solarizing
your soil and what this does is it kills all the insects and diseases that are
there in the soil and when you germinate seeds it’s very important that your seed
starting mix is free from any insects or any diseases now the next step is to
fertilize your seedlings seedlings can be fertilized using organic fertilizer
like fish emulsion or you can use a salt based fertilizer which is specially
formulated for seedlings let’s look at the first option which is using
something like fish fertilizer which is an organic fertilizer and is mild enough
that it will not burn seedlings and it has all the nutrients that seedlings
need to grow so all you do is just shake the bottle of the fish fertilizer make
sure everything is mixed in and then what I do is I add one tablespoon per
gallon of water now this watering can is 2 gallons so
I’m going to be adding 2 tablespoons of the fish emulsion into this watering can
and once that is done all I’m going to do is fill it up with water and this
creates a really good medium to fertilize your seedlings now the benefit
of using fish fertilizer is that it’s cheap its organic and it won’t burn your
plants the downside is that it smells a lot so although this is deodorized fish
fertilizer you might not like it smell now fish fertilizer is perfect for
fertilizing seedlings or even small plants that are growing in the
greenhouse all you do is water the seedlings or the plants inside the
greenhouse with this fish emulsion you can even fertilize seedlings that
are growing in containers as you see here and fish fertilizer also contains a
lot of beneficial bacteria so while you are adding the fish emulsion there are a
gazillion beneficial bacteria that are getting added to your soil which
improves the overall health of your plants you can even use fish fertilizer
in raised beds as you see here I use this heavily on my okra plants when they
were not growing in the summer season and it did really have a big effect on
how these plants grew later now you can also use a salt based
fertilizer like this QuickStart salt based fertilizer which has nitrogen
phosphorus and potassium just like the fish fertilizer and what I usually do is
I use this at half-strength so all I do is shake the bottle very
well make sure it’s mixed in nicely and then I take half a capful of this
fertilizer and add it to my two gallons of water so this is also a very cheap
solution it’s just a salt generally vegans go with something like a salt
based fertilizer whereas most of the others go with an organic fertilizer and
as you can see here we are watering the base of these seedlings and what
this will do is that this will help the seedlings it’ll help them uptake this
solution and cause them to grow very well once they have reached this size as
you see here once they have developed two leaves at least it’ll help them uptake this solution now you can do the same thing with this fertilizer you can
use it to fertilize seedlings that are growing in containers or the raised beds
and if you’re using these hex seed starting kits you can always water from
the bottom the plants will take up the water very well and the seedlings will
use up the nitrogen phosphorus and potassium that’s needed for healthy
plant development and that’s how you get healthy seedlings from your seeds so
whether you’re using an organic fertilizer or a salt based fertilizer
it’s important to remember that fertilizing your seedlings is very
important it’s a necessary step for gardening for developing healthy
seedlings and this is sometimes overlooked by a lot of gardeners
although the compost provides a lot of nutrients that the seedlings need it’s
important that you fertilize your seedlings whether you are fertilizing
the seedlings in your greenhouse as we saw or seedlings in the container or the
raised bed just make sure that you are adding some kind
fertilizer or some kind of nutrients for your plants by drenching the plant the
foliage the leaves the stems the plants can uptake the nutrients in a much
better way but also make sure that the nutrients are reaching the roots of the
plant so there we have it folks that was our episode on starting seeds and
fertilizing your seedlings if you like this video do give us a thumbs up and if
you have a different method or have any comments please put them in the comments
box below I’ll see you again soon happy gardening

33 thoughts on “Starting seeds and fertilizing seedlings

  1. Good tips my friend. I like your videos, they are brief and high quality.
    I think indians are best teachers for some reason😬

  2. my capsicum plant stem is drying little by little. plant looks healthy, other branches doesnt have this problem. in only one branch keepon drying for more than two months. i dont know what was the problem. please give me some solution.

  3. I live in Zone 10a. Do you recommend grow lights to start seedlings? Or, do you just keep them outside? Have a great day.

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  5. Hello CG! I'm getting ready to show some seeds and trying to learn from you since I am in your area. I have a question: do you cover your seed starting mix while seeds are germinating? I'm having a hard time finding good information on this. Also, are you leaving germination trays indoors or outdoors?

  6. Alum tray is a great idea. Thanks. Hydroponic fertiliser is slightly different salts and is immediately available to the plants. I don't think others are.

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