Starting work on the Cottage Garden’s Fence on How to Grow a Garden with Scarlett

good morning welcome to how to grow a
garden today I am still working this is day two on this little hill. So we’ve
still got this hill, now I’ve cleared it out I moved… (yes mister mister) I moved all of the rocks that were already here and put them to the side I mowed it
down and the last thing I’m working on now or at this point right now I am
taking these old rails out right here there’s a big line of rails in the back
which I want to keep but then on this side see how the rail turns it’s got a
corner there and it comes up I think I want to take those three rails off or
go down towards the goat so it’lll create a little a little walkway in
there. unfortunately that really big tree either needs to come out or… it’s
really tricky to get around it so I might actually want to move.. so I
think I want to move the whole fence starting from this point that part out
and then that part way out so that the fence yeah so we have more space because
from this point to the driveway it’s a good 25 feet from this point it does go
down but that’s okay because we’ll have the cascading rocks going down the hill
and the path going through and then if I’ve moved that fence back then
there’s a little more space so when you get down there there’ll be like a little
cove I can put some benches or you know I don’t know if anybody’s ever gonna go
there but it’s a sunken garden I love sunken gardens okay and then on this
side you can see of course the boxes in the back on this side this is all cedar
rails that I’ve collected from different places and brought here and I could move
that don’t think there’s any major logs sitting on top so I might be able to
move that on my own but I’m not sure But I want, I think from that point on for the fence to come more this way towards
the goat barn. so we’ll see how it works out I don’t know. it will be exciting
I’ll I’ll get some work done and then I’ll show you where I am so this is where I want to put the
stones I think the steps will be awesome right there because it’s pretty steep
and then on the other side it goes up and I want to have a little slope or
maybe stones on that side – I’m not sure So you’ll go in here and you come out there.
and then the rock garden is just here in the center right on the edge and this
will all be grass. all right so this is the fence I’m gonna move and first I
need to come in here with my handy dandy tool where’d it go?
and I need to… okay, so I’m going to use this tool. it looks pretty crappy, lol it’s
actually brand new I bought it it last summer and yeah this is a cedar
rail fence-hammer tool I don’t know it cuts it hammers, it twists, it yanks, it does
everything it’s fantastic. it’s the only tool you need. I have no idea what its called.
and I’m pretty sure we got it from Canadian Tire but it’s the only tool you need to do a cedar rail fence. the goats are of
course behind me. (can you get down – Bruno) these ones I want to keep but these ones
I want to pull away so that means if they aren’t gonna come out I need to
come in here now this is gonna be hard with
one hand but I want to untwist these wires. okay so I clipped it so much easier
mind-you you fell down and now this one is free to be moved so pull rail off
and now I want to clip this cedar rai and remove the Virginia creeper out of the way because
actually want to keep that and now I want to click this one
here and down here there’s a big wire I think its that one that needs to be clipped in order to pull this rail out. once those are out this whole part might move as one I don’t know we’ll have to see. alright so i rewired this rail here up to this rail
so it’s no longer resting on this one below it and now I’m able to ever so slowly pull this one out which will help me change the direction of the fence. I move the fence forward. It’s come
forward a lot actually. some of these pieces I’ll have to replace like this
one. but I moved it … yeah so there’s a little path now at lease potentially. I think I want to keep going (and pull the fence out further) now to get it out I’d either have to cut that
tree which I’m not gonna do or I think I want the fence to come here down this
line so I’m gonna take it apart mostly pull it this way and reassemble
it going this way and for that it’ll take me a while I’ll be back when I’m
done or mostly done okay so I I individually shoved each piece up and
now I’m gonna lift the entire fence I have other rails I have more of these
so I will really support it but I think I’m going to do it more in the middle oh that’s tons of room! now we can totally walk through here. there’s some rocks I can move, and this wire. It all has to go. all right now if I decided that like this one there’s a lot of
looseness here it’d be the same thing I can pinch the wire and it makes its own
little twist which makes the wire tight again that was holding this piece on all right. oops! have no fear this is just a minor
setback -the whole fence fell over- so lets pick it all back up.. it fell because that piece actually broke. lets put in a new cedar rail here. so yanked that out. I’m finding garbage lots of bits. I put the three rails back in but in the opposite direction now. I don’t like how it looks so I’m gonna
move the middle rail up… Thanks for watching!

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