“Startup Agriculture Technology for your Healthy Organic Food Demand”_♥ Alchemy Talks, India

Hi Thinking about Kali Yugam People are moving Fast Also eating Fast Food Within short duration, they eat And need good food Speed Food Trendy Food Style Food Door Delivery Food Possible? Organic Food! Hello,My name is Jagan Also known as Nallakeerai(Greens
) Jagan Today, People are not buying
greens because they dont find time to
do No time for processing the
leaves Palack(Spinach) they buy As its leaves are very big Small Greens, Ponnakanni even
good they dont prefer them Because there is no time When we go in Volume And Process and neatly packed and ready to cook It can go easily Brand, Volume and consistency
are key and we need a system like this This area is 25 cents land 10,000 sq feet of land 4 feet width 25 feet breath we must prepare beds Total of 75 beds out of 10,000
sq feet Monthly 40 types of Greens Minimum 5000 bunches of greens If minimum Rs.8 per green we get Rs.40,000 turnover Minimum Profit is Rs.20,000 This we have proved This is D7 Bed 4 feet width 25 feet breath Left side has Yellow Ponnakanni Right Side has Red Spinach Top has Red Molakeerai We have creeper in
sides,Modakathan Each bed has about 8 Basil What to keep in right and left
side Even incase of Water logging Few greens will grow Red Ponnakanni,Natural
Ponnakanni Semai Ponnakanni,Red Spinach Even if rain water gets stagnant it wil grow in the waters Hence we designed in sides Top has harvest kind of greens Like Half Greens,Small Greens, Creepers are in the sides If you can see Ground level Red Ponnakanni Above that Gongura Plant Above that height short trees Such as Agathi,Drumstick Above that creeper can grow So you can pluck greens at Ground level,one inch level Shoulder level and above head
level Space Utilization is so
Important These 40 Varities have different
duration Methi Leaves life time is 9 day
harvest Vallari,Red Ponnakanni,Natural
Ponnakanni 20 years life long it grows to
pluck Palack,Pasalai,Chukkan,Kasani greens which we cut and regrow We can grow for 6 months Short Trees like
agathi,Drumstick Dark neem, thavasi They grow for 3 to 5 years Greens of 9 days upto 20 years life time greens are
there So available in all time Some wont grow during rains Vallarai and Ponnakanni only
grow at rainfall During summer few greens wont
grow but half greens,small greens
grow In 12 months,out of 40 varities 20 varities will be grown No Plough,No Weeds No Soil even If you ask a question if we can grow in our soil? This is not based on soil What feed we give is Panchakavyam, Amirthakaraisal Effective Micro organism These 3 we prepare Weekly once we keep giving All these are for microorganism To grow them what can be done What I thought was Even if they are microorganism They need Food and Place to Stay Saw dust,Saw dust found in tree
cut shop Why cant we give saw dust to
microbes Better than coconut coit and
compost It will fine tune than others Then it needs a home to stay microbes stay in carbon,as home Where is carbon present. Its in Charcoal. But we can burn wood always hence used rice mill coal Rice mill coal has carbon so what I did I mixed saw dust and rice mill
coal and applied in the place of soil Insect Repellant Agathi is best,So insects go
there Leaving aside main crop We prepare insect repellant Pon Neem,based on pongai and
neem We apply on need basis On conventional method soil fertility gets decreased But in Natural method Soil fertility gets increased Irrigation,it is sprinkler
system Growing greens of 3 or 4 days its is a so tender plant like just born baby When water sprinkles faster Affects the germination We can make this like mist We can do it like that If you can change sprinkler
system it is need for this type of
model Shadenet,done with government
subsidy Everyone need not do shadenet Little shade in times of summer We have made a software If we go to bed Number:A It will say Top greens Right and Left greens needed You have make a system If you didnt it will say you
didnt If you have completed System says harvest date Like when we can get output After that you must give
panchakavyam The time of insect repellant To give remainder mobile app We can check in master If 100 members do We can forcast the greens output with duration and date in glance So we developed an application 100 of farmers can make use of
it Cost of expenditure is 1 lachs to 1.20 lach rupees Sprinker system is Rs.30,000 We can bring as approved model from bankers say profitable
model many schemes like mudra have
come We can support small farmers and help in subsidy as well We are not taking as competitor You learnt from me and setting up your business 10 lach bunches of greens are
needed Even if 1000 people do. I dont see as competitor Nor think someone as competitor That is your skill We are ready to give traning to
them They have to learn and do their
own we cannot go to each farm and do If we go by that way we cannot create 100 of farmers 5 and half years To cover all these it took 5
and half years Now we are ready to give this
model Whoever wants they can do it Monthly commitments,survival may
be your question To answer those question,one
must have worked that we have worked for about 5
years That we have done it Now you only need courage Courage and Self Confidence You can come and do So,Small land Little money Little planning Good Food Give a like to video Action paves the way for doer

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