“Stone Cold” Steve Austin rocks Madison Square Garden

[SOUND] [MUSIC] Hell yeah!>>Hell yeah!>>Somebody told me that
it’d been over 20 years since Stone Cold has been here
in Madison Square Garden. Good times here, and
more good times to come. My ass is here, right here, right now,
for the contract signing for the Universal Championship. Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, we’ve got
business to take care of, gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen, it is- [MUSIC]>>Boys, look we have in the ring,
what a moment! Steve Austin is gonna stomp on
them [INAUDIBLE] hell yeah! Does anybody really care
about that anymore, though?>>What?>>So Stone Cold-
>>What?>>Just shut up for
a second and let me talk!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>This has nothing to do with you, Steve Austin, so
stay out of our business, you old fart.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I don’t know where you’re coming from, but I damn sure know where you’re going.>>Rollins and
Strowmann going right after the OC.>>AJ Styles outnumbered in the ring.>>Styles sent him over the top rope.>>Get out of my way!>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Stunner>>Once a rattlesnake, always a rattlesnake.>>And it’s celebration time for
Stone Cold.>>And that’s the bottom line,
cuz Stone Cold said so. [MUSIC]

100 thoughts on ““Stone Cold” Steve Austin rocks Madison Square Garden

  1. I know everybody has seen WWE this year everybody knows they have had empty seats every night because of how bad their shows have been and they've even had to hide it that shows you right there Vince is not trying

  2. WWE using Old Wrestlers to bury Current Wrestlers. Goldberg burying Dolp Ziggler, Undertaker burying Sami Zyan, Stone Cold burying AJ Styles. Very Good WWE

  3. ‘Twas a beer bash last night on Raw with

  4. 20 years of Raw is war since Stone cold been at madsion square garden 💯 back when the crowd used to go whild WWF '98

  5. AJ Styles imitating Stone Cold Steve Austin is HYSTERICAL. And I haven't seen a Stunner sold that well in ages, kudos to this entire RAW night at MSG, what a great time.

  6. You know is so embarrassing when someone who's retired for 16 years should be called for lift up the ratings and do the job that any of the current roster is able to do. Not because of their fault, but because of their boss

  7. All your life, born, growing, starting a carrer, girlfriend, kids, wife, marriage, all the way up everyone go to a Stone Cold Stunner

  8. Who's will be agree if AJ styles face Stone Cold Steve Austin.

    Me ? Absolutely…
    Give him your Stunner to his face, Steve.
    And close mouth P1

    Hell yeah… 3:16

  9. Stone cold steve austin left and returned wwe and Dean Ambrose left wwe but didn't return we are waiting dean ambrose 😃and😢

  10. What is WWE going to do, when they can't drag old legends out to the ring for ratings. I'm a huge stone cold fan, but when are they ever going to get someone ELSE over even close to that. I mean they arent even trying.

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