Stories From the Soil – Episode 1: Uncovering Stories From the Soil

(upbeat music) – There’s a lot of research
out there about soil health and a ton of technical information. But none of it does us any good unless we can see how
it actually takes place at the ground level. My name is Tim Hammerich from the Future of Agriculture Podcast. Cool Planet and I are
gonna travel the country and capture stories
about how land stewards and growers and farmers
are actually developing their own soil health and
how that impacts their lives and the food they’re growing for you. (upbeat music) Our first episode brings
us to Johnstown, Colorado where I meet up with Jim Loar, president and CEO of Cool Planet. Well Jim, I’m really
excited about this series, Stories from the Soil, I’m curious though from Cool Planet’s perspective, why invest in a project like this? – Well, Cool Planet is a company dedicated to innovation, technology
development for agriculture. We have a strong company and a strong team that are dedicated to that. You know, in my career, concepts, ideas, answers, solutions, best come from farmers and so we’re excited to listen
to people in the industry, people who are knowledgeable
about agriculture, about soil health. (upbeat music) – Soil to me is so much more
than the media that we use to grow plants, I mean,
it is biologically active. It is diverse and I think
we’re gonna get to see some of that diversity in this series. It is literally the groundwork
for our agricultural system and I think even with modern
advances in technology, even with hybrids, even
with genetic engineering, even with precision agriculture, we still rely on the soil being healthy for our long term sustainability and so I think agriculture
has done amazing things when it comes to
productivity and efficiency. I think if we’re gonna continue that curve throughout the next several generations, we need to put the soil first and then build technologies like you are which work with nature and not against it. – From a farmer’s perspective,
sustainability is great. I think they’re probably
the most sustainable people in the world, but they have
to do it profitably too, so we need to be bringing
them tools that help them with productivity and profitability. Let’s take Cool Terra for example, a fixed carbon material
that goes into the soil that basically provides a
habitat for the soil biology. – And what I love about what you’re doing is that you can show
effectiveness and profitability in the first year while
building that long term soil profile and those are the solutions we need, especially as the
farm economy struggles. (upbeat music) – Agriculture is humanity. Agriculture is people. Agriculture is the grandfather, the grandson, who’s out
there farming the land. Hearing what their issues and
thoughts are is important. Stories from the Soil’s gonna help us look at a wide cross section. – [Tim] Well I’m excited
because I usually get a chance to talk a lot about this stuff but not a chance to
actually visit in person and to get out there and to sit down with these growers and really understand how they’re looking at soil health is something I think is
gonna be extremely valuable as well as getting different perspectives from all around the country. So, couldn’t be more excited
to get things kicked off. – [Jim] Should be a load of fun too. – [Tim] Oh yeah, I can’t wait. (upbeat music)

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