Straw Bale Gardening Nursery Kids Straw Bale Garden Results

ok so here we have just a short video on a small straw bale garden and I did for the local children’s nursery and moving on to the moving somewhat chaotic pictures but nevertheless we can see the straw bales this consisted of 5 bales all together and put into capital E shape as you can see and on it is planted a variety of vegetables and flowers we have nasturtiums there on the left and now there’s a nasturtium amongst the onion sets we have little viola’s, pansies the flowers are put there partially because the children love the flowers amongst the plants and partially it is to do with companion planting for instance the nasturtiums are what is known as sacrificial plants they attract the bugs. The little dwarf marigolds and pansies attract different and friendly insect if you like and in particular the dwarf marigolds attractive the hoverflies whose larvae feed on the green fly etc, so good companion plants that are also good for the children to see. Getting down to the vegetables. We’re looking at onion sets they’re planted on top of the strawbale, you’ll see that planted on a bed of compost & soil just to give them a start they’re sunk into the bed and go quite nicely. That’s a courgette plant growing there again we see the dwarf marigolds. This is pea’s, sugar snap pea’s. I added the frame to the back off the bed and up there you can grow all kinds of claiming plants and vegetables. A wander around the bail, thats potatoes planted no potatoes are planted by sinking them down a hole in the Bale that’s a little courgette here, courgette flower which is edible just as the actual courgette. You see the small courgette bud there Pulling back, having a look at the flowers the little violas. This is looking across the bed now these were growing in the spring we have a lot of timing issues with the school holidays etc but nevertheless they manage to grow quite well they had a good crop when he came back from school and the children made soups from the crew Jets and the potatoes and onions and pea’s. There was carrots planted there as well The little boards at the front, in case you’re wondering. We had a little bunny rabbit jumping around so it kept the rabbit out of the bales. So there you are little straw bale garden done for the kids thanks for listening in

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