Strawberries start ripening stage care tips and fertilizer

My entire dear friend welcome to Veggies Home Kitchen Garden. Today’s video about healthy growth of strawberries. All my strawberry plants are on fruits. At this stage when strawberries gradually change its color. That is called Ripening Stage. That is the third stage of Strawberries. At first grow strawberries from seeds or runners. Second stage transplantation for healthy growth. Third stage Ripening Stage. When strawberries starts fruit. In this video also some important tips to my gardening friends. Finally, how to get fresh and big size strawberries at home. Some of my strawberries are ready to harvest. My gardening friends do not subscribe my channel. Press subscribe button. Also press notification button. To hear the sound of bell of next video. Lets start now As my gardening friend seen. Gradually strawberries change its color. Red color the original color of strawberries. Here you have seen fresh fruit of strawberries. Ready to harvest. Someone also on fruits. Some are on flowers too. Here you seen another strawberries gradually change its color. At this stage 3 to 4 important tips. My gardening friend grows strawberries. They are interested to grow strawberries next time. After watching this video. First tips full sunlight. Full sunlight for healthy growth of strawberries. In winter season when strawberries are ready. Mulching is important at this stage Because fruit not damage and also save from cold weather. Keep soil moist. During water soil wet not to damage fruits. To secure from fungus. Quantity of water very low Not to shower from top. If weather is cloudy. Having a rainy season. Last 4 days having rain and hailstorm. To protect it from rain. Place it under shade. Cover it with plastic sheet. When you grow plants. You have to care it. At this stage fertilizer. As my gardening friend seen. It’s only PK fertilizer. My Agriculture friend makes this organic fertilizer. Having Potassium and Phosphorus. Instruction written on the bottle. You can also spray mix it with water. Fertilizer cover up the deficiency of Phosphorus and Potassium. Produce too much flowers and flowers not drops down. At this stage I only give this liquid after 15 days. 75 days passed for healthy growth of strawberries. Some of strawberries are ready to harvest. Hope my friends like this video. Kindly like and subscribe my channel to keep in touch next coming videos. Bye Asim Nawaz from Veggies Home Kitchen Garden.

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    I also have strawberries in my garden, but the snails eat all. Do you have any tips about what I can do?

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