Strawberry Seedling Growth in Winter | Strawberry Care Tips in November Part-I

All my Gardening friend’s Welcome to Veggies Home Kitchen Garden. Month of November start’s now. In month of November where different varieties of flowers As well as Winter Vegetables seen in your home containers and raised bed. It is impossible to grow Strawberry plants in Winter Season. Strawberry in one of favorite Winter fruit. That can easily grow in different size of pots. Hanging baskets. Plastic bottles. Different corner of your raised bed. Where ever you plant easily grow by proper care. My gardening friends ask me. Do you grow Strawberry plants or seedling? Upload a video regarding Strawberry Seedling growth and care in Winter Season. Today’s video about wish of gardening friends Who ask for growth of Strawberry Seedling. Yes, I have lot’s of Strawberry Plants in different size of containers and in plastic tub. If you are not remember to Subscribe my channel. Subscribe it In this video some tips and information regarding care of Strawberry Seedling in Winter. As you seen all my Strawberry Plants in different size of containers. All Strawberry plants in different containers The container size is 12 inch. Some one in small pots Healthy Strawberry seedling growth to become Strawberry plants. Day by day cold weather more care and more tips for you Here also in plastic tub. As I told Pot size is 12 inch and some in small size pots. Some of Strawberry plants I grow from seeds. After too much care Strawberry Seeds germinate. Some of them from Runners. My Strawberry in plastic tub grow from Runners. My gardening friends they grow strawberry plants from runners. or whatever to grow it from like seeds. Here some important tips. 6 to 8 hours morning sunlight is essential for healthy growth of Strawberries Second soft and moist soil. In my soil have some coco peat, vermicompost and leaves compost. Moist soil good for healthy growth of Strawberry plants. Not to over watering. Well drained container or pots. To keep the soil moist by digging after 2 to 3 days. Some one small pots grow from runners Hope so you like this video. These are starting tips. As cold weather increases day by day care and more tips to you. Kindly like and subscribe my channel to keep in touch next coming videos. Bye Asim Nawaz from Veggies Home Kitchen Garden.

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