Strip-till and Your Fertilizer Program

We broadcast our PNK variable rate, we’ve done that for for probably almost 15 years. So that hasn’t changed, we still do that
in the fall, prior to making the strips and then we come
in with anhydrous ammonia with the strip-till bar and knife that at
about seven, eight-inches’ deep to make this strips, so it hasn’t changed our overall program a lot. We have discovered that even in this
glacial soil, we’ve been told for years and years and years, do something in the
fall no matter what you do, do something in the fall to tear up the soil
and and be prepared in spring. But we don’t, we when the combine is the last tool that goes, well I guess that isn’t
quite right, we do fertilize, dry fertilizer by grid samples and we’ve been doing
that for, I think five or six years now and we’re still just surface applying our PNK and we have we haven’t found any problem with that at this point. On corn
on corn, like I say we just going in the fall, in the spring and put in our anhyrdrous, anhyrdrous is the strip till unit. And we go between
the corn stalk rows, the middle of the field, so it’s a fresh, we don’t have any root butts to deal with. Even on continuous corn, the following
year we go through, we’re back where root butt was, and that is just, they’re just
gone. We put the fertilizer on at the same time.
We put the anhydrous at the bottom and then up a little bit more is the PNK. And then we variable rate everything.
And in our dry fertilizer cart, we even have a
divider so we have pure P and pure K and we variable rate on the go. A lot of carts aren’t split, you can variable
rate the mixture, but to get the true variable rate, you got to have to have true P and true K and mix on the go. We work with our local
agronomist and he just keeps preaching to us that takes so many pounds of P & K, no matter where you put it. I, you know I don’t know what to tell you,
the proper thing is there. Cause I hear people that do cut back, since your putting it right there, in the thing. And I think
time will tell, if we start getting built up in our
strips we can cut back. But right now, we’re going whatever the
recommendations are.

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