Sustainable Aquaculture Research at Dartmouth’s Organic Farm

>>I’m George Thorman. I’m a research assistant for the
Environmental Studies Program and I’m here at the organic
farm today transferring our fish which are adult tilapia
from Thailand, from their winter home
back in an insulated room out into the nice, sunny
solar tanks that we have here in our passive solar greenhouse. And the — this program
is a combination of a fish for food program which the
organic farm is actually running and research being done by
Professor Anne Kapuscinski on alternative feeding regimens
for aquacultural projects. So the alternative feeding
that we’ve done research on and we’ll continue to
look at is the replacement of the fish meal that’s used in most industrially
produced fish feeds with a more sustainably
produced algae meal. So these are two
different sources of protein and we’re trying to replace
one that is much worse for the environment with
one that is a lot better for both the fish and
for the larger world that that systems impacts.

4 thoughts on “Sustainable Aquaculture Research at Dartmouth’s Organic Farm

  1. This is the futuuuuure. Tilapia are amazing animals too. This type of industry is going to revitalize Canada's east coast.

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