4 thoughts on “Sustainable egg farming BEGA NSW Presentation

  1. This is brilliant! I know it's designed for well established farmers. Have you considered making a Chicken Caravan 50, or 10 or something for backyard chicken owners. Instead of a costly coop, this would make a really nice small moveable item that could help even out the wear on a backyard. Just thinking out loud here. If you marketed it to the U.S. there's lots of people who would love to treat chickens so well. A fresh small-farm egg will beat out a grocery store egg every time, once people get the chance to taste for themselves. Great ideas! Good luck ,and God bless. 😀

  2. If you decide to manufacture these as flat packs, you could get them built in China, but if you do this split the construction among several factories so they don't copy your idea get your own warehouse space to ensemble the kits. That way you can go into mass production and export around the world, wages are to exspense to do it anymore

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