Sustainable September: Organic Waste Recycling

– We’re here at South Melbourne
Market, which I’m pleased to say is the first fresh food
market in Australia to use our technology, so they’ve
been a real vanguard for this. The market is very interested in reducing all of their landfill. One of the hardest things
to do that with is organics. So this particular machine
can do 1.2 tonnes per day. Compared to sending
the product to landfill, we are reducing greenhouse
gas emissions by 90% and for every tonne that we avoid, we also avoid half a tonne of leachate. So if we looked at some figures
over the course of a year, we’ve got a significant
environmental benefit. The product that comes out of this, some of it is going to be
bagged and will be available for sale in the market to keen gardeners. And part of the money from that will go to local community folks
so it’s an opportunity To do some charitable work
for the market as well. One of the trader’s suppliers here, is taking these big
containers back to his farm in Werribee, and using it. And for me that’s a wonderful story, because you’ve completed that whole loop. Paddock to plate, back to the paddock. – We thought we had an
opportunity to do something really really cool with them, which nobody had done before, and still have not done before, and they were willing to get on board. Not only are they giving
us their food waste, to put through big worm farms,
but we’re actually giving the market back the
fertiliser that comes from processing that in the form of worm casts. There’s a lot of environmental
benefit from that. The biggest is that it
prevents it going to landfill, where it becomes actually quite toxic. I guess what I get really excited about, is it turns something
that was previously waste, into something of value. It really shows that the market
and the City of Port Phillip are willing to go the extra mile, to make a big impact environmentally.

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