SWANTON BERRY FARM Amazing Organic Farm in N. California! Farmer reveals Organic farming secret

Woohoo! we’re going to Swanton Berry Farm. Swanton Berry Farm Certified Organic Hi There what’s your name? My name’s Sam Sam. Is this a family run farm? No, it’s not family but it’s a small group of us I’m enduring it a long time How long? I’ve been here 10 years, uh-huh mama Laura’s been here over 20 years What do you grow? strawberries artichokes broccoli cauliflower English peas all kinds of fruit and vegetables and is it all organic? That’s all we do What do you use if there’s insects? There’s all kinds we change every year we try new things We change the soil compost. We grow broccoli around strawberries helps the pest problems Oh do you have any little critters too? Little animals? Sure, oh yeah. Birds? Oh yeah. We use a bird canon makes a loud bang sound every 15 seconds Who prepares the food? Me and Mama Laura Bear Angelica, there’s a few of us. How many are you on this farm? There’s 35 full time workers So it’s huge How large is the farm? about 125 acres Show me on the map where you’re located It’s smudged off Davenport You look really healthy. Oh good, it’s eating all this stuff. All this organic food. Yeah, that’s right Olallieberry Jam Tayberry Jam

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