Tasty Producers Tried To Not Waste Any Food For A Week

– It smells kind of gross but, we’re saving the planet
so that’s the priority. (soft music) – 40% of food goes uneaten
by Americans every year. Americans are throwing
away 165 billion dollars in food every year. Meanwhile 42 million Americans, 13 million of which are
children, don’t have access to enough food to maintain
a healthy lifestyle. I’m Merle, I’m a Tasty
producer here in New York. And hearing all of those facts, is terrifying. So what are we gonna do about it? Here in New York we have
eight active Tasty producers that are regularly filming
and testing recipes. So we go through a lot of food and that means a lot of food
scraps end up in the trash. So for the past week I
collected all of the food waste we produced and I weighed it. 61 pounds? That number is so scary because
if you multiply that by four that’s 244 pounds a month and if you multiply that by 12, that’s 2,928 pounds a year. That’s a lot of food waste. I can’t help but think there’s
more we could do about it. I am here today because I’m challenging our Tasty producers to produce zero food waste for seven days. Both in work and at home. – Oh man, – That sounds difficult. Like what does it entail though? – While you’re at work
and while you’re at home instead of throwing your scraps away you’re gonna be composting everything. And also like just be more
mindful about how much food you’re ordering, how much
food you’re using for shoots. So will you pledge to take this challenge with your signature? – Alright, fine, yes. – Easy, lets do it. No like blood pledge? – That’s later. I can’t do that on camera. – It’s gonna be challenging but I think it’ll be really rewarding. – It’s a good challenge. – This positivity is honestly
gonna make me so emotional. After spending the morning
hunting everyone down, I finally got all of them
to sign away their rights to waste any food for the next week. It would be impossible to
cook the amount of food that we do and come out of
it with zero food byproducts. So I encourage producers
first and foremost to limit their intake of
food to only what they need. And to give away any extra
food to those in need or those even around the office. Composting was only supposed
to be used as a last resort. – So I’ve tasked myself
with eating this apple with as little waste as possible. I’m gonna compost it and
I feel so much better about myself it’s crazy. – So I have this extra batch
of sweet potato hummus, instead of throwing it
out I’m going to save it and maybe eat it as a snack tomorrow. – I decided the most
fool proof way to ensure we would consistently
compost in the Tasty kitchen was to organize a compost program. So I decided to take it upon myself to try and make that happen. I called at least nine
different companies, researched all afternoon
and talked about compost for a couple of hours
until I finally found one woman who seemed like she could help. – [Meredith] This is Meredith. – Hi Meredith, my name
is Merle, I’m interested in bringing composting to
my company that I work at. – [Meredith] Awesome,
that’s great to hear Merle. – We talked for 30 minutes
about how to make this happen, toward the end I was
feeling pretty hopeful. (squeals) I think it’s gonna happen,
oh my god I’m so excited. Okay, so I’m waiting to talk
to facilities manager today about bringing composting into the office. Very nervous, but after
my phone call yesterday with Meredith I’m feeling pretty good. But I don’t know what she’s gonna say so, wish me luck. (exhales) I just talked to facilities,
we’re gonna be able to get a compost situation rolling
out for the Tasty kitchen which is great news, I don’t know how this is happening right now but
we’re making it work people, we’re gonna be composting,
it’s gonna be great. We’re gonna officially have
composting in the Tasty kitchen. – What? – [Merle] Forever. – Are you serious? This makes it so much easier, this is all I’ve ever
wanted this entire time. ’cause if you give people the ability and make it easy for them, they’ll do it, it’s just when it’s an inconvenience. – [Merle] I was so happy to
see that people were excited at the idea of having a
compost system in the kitchen. So the next step was to
have Meredith come in and talk compost with us. – Why is composting important? Every one eats, so everyone
generates food waste, food scraps go to a
landfill, they get suffocated and in that environment which we refer to as an anaerobic environment,
one without oxygen, methane is a byproduct,
methane is a greenhouse gas. It’s more potent than
carbon dioxide in terms of it’s warming potential and
it’s a pretty easy solution. Removing food scraps from our waste stream to avoid methane production
and to mitigate further you know green house gas
emissions and climate change is very important and if
we all can play a part in that process by putting our food scraps in a separate bin in our houses, why wouldn’t we? – [Merle] Meredith talked to our producers to make sure they knew
how to properly compost before she handed over our shiny new bin. – [Meredith] Thanks for you time guys. (audience applause) – I use Merle’s compost
bin, it really wasn’t hard or scary and I don’t
know why I was so scared. There’s no reason not to be doing it. – I just got to say I feel like the world is a little bit of better place now. I’m not taking all the credit, but I’m taking a little
piece of the credit. – Meredith said that
actually one of the best ways to reduce food waste is to eat it. So that’s what we’re gonna go do is eat some Tasty leftovers. – That’s what I been doing. – Yeah.
– Yes. – I forgot to compost. Ew, this is my walk of shame. – So heres a lot of the stuff
that we’ve gone through, freezing it also helps
to keep the odors at bay when I’m opening and adding to it. Also look at how crazy this is, this is a day and a half worth of compost. Here we have glorious Union
Square Farmer’s Market, look what I found, all this compost. – I just cleaned out my refrigerator and I filled up one Tupperware container. I’m gonna put it into a
paper bag and walk it up to the farmers market. – I have some food waste
that I grated the other day. I am attempting to put
them in the composting bin but I think that maybe I can
make something out of them. I actually made quite
a pretty tasty salad. Now I’m gonna see who I can share it with. – [Rachel] Since they have composting all of these perfectly good
leftovers, we’re gonna give them away to people at the office. – Okay, I love my team, love them to death but I’m not a fool, I’m
gonna check the trash bins to make sure that nothing goes undetected. What the hell? Wait, it’s a full orange. I knew there would be some
slip ups along the way which is totally fine, and to be expected but they were not going
to elude the trash lady. Not on my watch. Just like anything else,
composting needs to become a habit and soon enough
it’ll be second nature. So it’s time to weigh
any trash that people accidentally accumulated that would be going to landfill. As a whole, the Tasty kitchen
looks sparkling clean, everyone’s done a fantastic
job of trying to keep and use our produce to
it’s fullest potential. And if not just to give it away. We’re gonna compare this
number with our number from last week which was 61 pounds. The verdict is in and we
got three and a half pounds. From 61 pounds to three and
a half pounds is amazing. I’m so happy for everyone,
I’m really proud of us. – All of the food that goes
to waste in the Tasty kitchen I’m just shocked that we
weren’t doing this before. – It’s really nice to know that anything that doesn’t get eaten or
that people leave behind, that ordinarily I would just throw away, can be repurposed in some fashion. – [Merle] Kermit the frog once said, it’s not easy being green. But I’m here to tell you, oh yes it is.

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  1. Can we talk abt how they’re trying to say food but the slow Mo at the beginning as a watermelon being blown up…

  2. What kind of ‘eco-enthusiast’ isn’t already composting their food waste?! And throwing food away so easily good lord 😫

  3. LOL i'm sorry but this video is so weird to me? Do most people not have compost bins? I thought what they were going to do was donate the extra food instead of composting it, but instead they're just discovering compost? Who throws food in the garbage omg

  4. Even though composting is better than sending things to the landfill, composting food is still wasting that food. I think you should have weighed the compost bag as well.

  5. My question every time I saw Tasty video 🙂 Really love what they are making but they kept making one thing many times due to failures so I was quite sceptical about how were they going to deal with waste. Thanks for doing that 😀

  6. Like everyone, I was shocked to see how much food gets thrown out that was still perfectly fine. Pretty sure you can always find someone to take food for free. But I was also very suprised to see the employee be nervous about talking to Facilities about the problem. The company should be required to to make bins for recycling and compost available. One bin for all should be a no-go in every workplace.

  7. People are generally pretty horrible in the comments. As if everyone does a perfect job eating everything they buy.
    I'd say I'm pretty good myself. But I live alone and it's almost impossible for me to use up everything once I start making food with more than 1 type of vegetable.
    What you see there basically happens in every normal restaurant. All-you-can-eat places and hotels are even worse. Sometimes there's just no way to salvage food leftovers. So if that's the case then we are all better off if the waste is treated properly.

  8. I'm very surprised this is not a habit in USA. In Spain everyone composes, it is as easy as throwing the food in a different container! We have separated containers on the streets (at least in Catalonia) where we can throw the remains of food.

  9. at first I was really confused why it would be such a great deal to do composting because I am from Germany where it is standart to compost and sometimes I forget that this isn't the standart ^^'
    But that just makes it even better that you went through this to organize a way to compost in your office!

  10. Can you also get your company to quit it with all the plastic utensils/cups/plates/etc.? You're a large company with fairly young employees … I don't understand why there's so much plastic waste at your company. You use plastic utensils, etc., all the time in your videos. I'm assuming you have kitchens there with sinks and dishwashers. WHY are you not using durable things and just washing them???

  11. Question: has tasty tried donating left over food to the homeless? I think it'd be great if you could help the community as well!

    PS. Great job! That effort goes a long way and proud of y'all

  12. I'm stunned! It took me far to long to figure out what to write because I couldn't believe it was this bad.
    I'm from Sweden and I've never seen this type of behaviour in my 30 years of living. Meaning we had it better in the 90's than you seem to have it now.

    Talking about work places; We have general garbage cans by some desks, but none in the kitchen since everything gets sorted. Compost, metal, glas, paper, plastic, cardbord etc. We even help out sorting already thrown things if they ended up in the wrong place. It keeps really clean when you sort correctly so putting your hands in one of the containers to move something or break one odd bit off isn't messy at all.
    Very few people don't sort at home. Some do put paper and some plastic in the general garbage but mostly you see mixed things like labels or half paper, half plastic. We even have some counties where you legally have to separate food from other burnables before you get to throw it out. In those counties you get bags from the state with different colours to be able to sort them when collecting.
    We do throw out a lot of food in Sweden as well. Most are from damage during transport, getting old or damaged in stores and in restaurants. All three are being worked on by reducing restaurant prices after lunch and selling as take aways for dinner, giving away older (not uneatable) fruits to kids or selling at heavely reduced prices in stores and transporting less and in better ways.

  13. Well my parent tells me to eat whole food 😅 so here iam i almost never wasting food i eat everything on my plate exept hard bone,thorn & Vegetable 😂 (sorry i hate veggy its their fault to give me that)

  14. I thought food waste was stuff they couldn't eat, like banana peels, vegetable skin, or egg shells.
    I can't believe Tasty producers are throwing away perfectly good food! 5:48 , the avocado, tomato, and onion looked good! 2:22, the hummus looks amazing! WHY would you ever throw that out?!

  15. I’m surprised that this video has so much hate! Yes they should have been composting before, but it’s better that they are making a change than not making this video and keeping it the way it was!

  16. Can people stop hating on them! They aren't doing that anymore and hating about it isn't going to change the past, focus on the good they are doing and not the mistakes they made in the past, there is no point!

  17. I also can't believe they weren't already composting, but the basic calculation mistakes for their yearly waste is infuriating.

  18. what? eating perfectly good, edible leftovers instead of throwing it all away? what a ridiculously odd concept… sighHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  19. Okay, so why are they throwing away perfectly usable food? The green onions he was saving for compost? Also why aren't they using their scraps for broth and stock to use in recipes?

  20. I'm in shock! I thought you were talking about peels and something unedible! But you throwed away like perfectly good food? What a privilidge ignorant asses are work there??? I'm struggling to eat healthy because it's too expensive in my country and they just throwing food away! OMG SMH

  21. I am so amazed that as a food channel they don’t compost and how people throw away perfectly good food. Like the there was sweet potato hummus that was fine but originally she was going to throw it away and there was a whole orange in the garbage. Is this the norm in America??

  22. Why did you have to ask for being able to compost all you have to do it get a bin and put food waste into it??? Also WHY WERE YOU GOING TO WASTE NORMAL PERFECT FOOD

  23. Maybe they didnt finish eat the food cause its taste so bad but you didnt have to dump it you can try to make it to taste much better You can cook it , Blend it ,Make it to be cereal , To be some food (i always do like that i can cook Fried rice so i mix Rice with some ingredient like as My mom sauce etc or put Tofu in my noodle etc or maybe make a healty Juice with some fruit & vegetable that u didnt use it anymore but its still fine to eat that)

  24. Yessss!! Lets save the planet and US!!! LOL😘😍🤗🤗🤗🤗😁😁😉😉🤟👊❤❤👏👏👏👏🤞👍👍👌

  25. Theres literally 1000+ comments questioning why ppl find it crazy to compost but if we are being honest, ppl are literally just understanding recycling and composting in the recent years. Literally a few yrs ago doing DIY projects were HUGE and now ppl are making a buisness out of it. Of course composting and recycling isn't hard but ppl are just lazy. I was literally told once that composting and recycling is impossible to do, not bc it's hard, it's just pure laziness and doubt. If that wasn't the case, half of Americans wouldn't think climate change is fake, more stores would tax the plastic bag, streets would be cleaner etc. (P.s. plastic bags were thought of as weird and not useful when they were 1st produced. now we have plastic bags in turtles stomachs)🤷🏽

  26. I can't believe she was going to throw away those perfectly avocado , tomato, and onions ! Then she's like "oh I'll make a salad " 😒😒 When I think of food waste I think of inedible parts of the food and stuff that has spoiled !

  27. Live in the country so when we are done with our food we just throw it out into the woods so I am shocked people actually throw it away ?!?

  28. Hey, I really love and respect the work that you’re doing. It’s awesome to get other people involved and inform everyone of how easy it is to be green. Kudos and thank you!!

  29. I'm shooked, they're acting like it's completely normal to throw perfectly fine food away which you could easily eat the next day and the girl with the sweet potato hummus??!?!?!!?!?!?!?

  30. I am an Asian so wasting food and was no no in my family we never really throwed leftover my mom makes a new dish or share with our neighbors so seeing the waste I am like😱😱

  31. Everyone in these comments are going wild about them not composting already. I don’t know where you live but all of the restaurants and food companies that I (personally) have been to do not compost.
    That’s just kind of how the U.S. is.

  32. i think the reason why people(employees) hesitate to eat the leftovers from the tasty(job) is because of the stigma associated with it, like unfortunately im sure some bosses out there think your like "mooching" off the company, or employees think it makes them look bad and its just easier to avoid that awkward encounter of possibly taking home leftovers or eating it as your own lunch that day by just throwing it out and getting food from the cafeteria… im glad you guys are making a change now!<3 keep up the good work!

  33. I live in a house at a village and we have multiple composts outside it's a cheaper living and it's better for the world and we have did that for so manny years

  34. WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT…. You mean to tell me they havent already been doing this!? 🤦🏽‍♀️ This makes me so mad. Tasty has been around for how long & they've only just done this!!?? And for a WEEK!!!!!

  35. We live off of leftovers every other day, rarely having to throw food away. It ends up with our chickens or the compost pile we keep, which helpes us grow our own veggies each year.

  36. Actually somehow this is why I proud to be asian.. seems like my mom and my grandma would be mad if we had a leftover or didn't eat their cook just because we want some junk food. Well I still can related if someone throw away their food because it isn't eatable anymore, but throwing an eatable food?! Are sure? Is that people losing their mind??! I'm shock

  37. @ 4:46 There is literally a full PERFECT fruit salad in the trash(kiwi,watermelon,apples,oranges..) Can you imagine what is under that..?? Possibly a three course meal sadly 🙁

  38. Expectation: "How can I re-purpose banana skins and eggshells?"
    Reality: "Maybe I should eat leftovers instead of throwing them away!"

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