Termite Control : Does Composting Bring Termites?

My name is Tyler Royce, I’m with TNT Pest
Control. We’re talking about compost and does compost attract termites. Wood product composts
will attract termites, any wood cellulose product will bring termites – termites will
come up and feed on wood products. I don’t recommend any wood products around the home,
what I recommend would be this product here that’s actually made from a tire. It’s a recycled
tire product that termites can’t feed on or rocks or any other type of product that’s
not wood based. Rocks, landscape, anything but wood products would be the best landscape
material that I would recommend. If you suspect that you might have termites we’d actually
come in and pull some of the compost back, people get a lot of trees or stumps in their
yards or fences, they suspect termites we have seen termites will come in and eat fence
posts. They’ll actually eat stumps, and we will come in and treat any of those areas.
If there’s a nest that’s feeding somewhere out in the yard on any type of products, if
we treat that area we can kill that nest off, along with a barrier around the home would
keep any termites from coming into your house.

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