Tesi Environmental Awareness Movement help the Himalayan doing organic farming

And now for our series of Shining World Leadership
segment on an environmental group which advocates that people of Tibetan heritage transition
to organic farming methods. The Series of Shining World Leadership Intro
[VOICEOVER]: For decades, Supreme Master Ching Hai has exemplified unconditional love through
her worldwide humanitarian work. She has inspired our Association members and countless people
across the globe, to follow her compassionate example. Through enlightened leadership a
better world is truly possible. In recent times, a new and exciting phenomenon has been
on the rise that is bringing much hope and light to our planet Earth. More and more leaders
and governments around the world are adopting practices that greatly improve and enhance
the lives of their co-citizens, human and animal alike.
Tesi Environmental Awareness Movement (TEAM) is dedicated to helping people of Tibetan
heritage living in the Himalayan Mountain region adopt sustainable practices. Based
in Dharamsala, India, TEAM advocates organic agriculture, and offers farmers training in
method of growing organic produce. In addition, the non-profit assists with the establishment
of organic seed banks and markets within communities. TEAM encourages schools to adopt a nature-oriented
curriculum. The non-profit has also contacted more than125 Tibetan settlements, addressing,
climate change issues. Another endeavor of the group is to support Tibetan monks and
nuns in reaffirming the honoring of all life, which is at the roots of their spiritual beliefs.
On World Environmental Day, June 5, 2010, TEAM held a day-long seminar entitled, “The
Role of Tibetan Monastic Communities in Environmental Protection.” Another of TEAM’s projects is
in developing eco-educational materials in theTibetan language. More than 27 books and
brochures have been published. Other printed material include posters of beautiful wild
animals, with the message that their precious lives be respected.
Bravo, Tesi Environmental Awareness Movement, on your very significant work. May the pure-hearted
Tibetan people embrace Earth-loving ways beginning with the low-emissions organic plant-based
diet, with Buddha’s immense love and blessings�

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