The best narrow garden ideas – from the Middlesized Garden of the month in June.

Do you have a long thin garden? Well, how
you plant it can make it look much bigger and much more beautiful. In
February the Middlesized Garden YouTube channel talked to Posy Gentles about
her long thin town garden and because there are really no plants in February, you
could really see the shape of the garden and what she was going to do to it. So
now it’s June, everything’s in flower and it’s time to go and see what her tips
have done to make a difference. It’s Alexandra from the Middlesized Garden
YouTube channel bringing you tips, ideas and inspiration for your garden. If you
have a long narrow garden with your beds running down either side, then it will
look longer and narrower. Posy has planted across her garden. She’s firstly got a big bed beside the
house then she’s got a patch of lawn then there’s some more planting and then
there’s a vegetable patch and then at the very end as the shed and by going
across like that she has really disguised the long thin shape of the
garden and you can’t really see where the garden begins and ends the other
thing that a long thin garden needs is height she said because the thing is
about something high like an arch or awesome some tall thin trees or
something like that is that it gives the eye something to rest on as you go down
the garden so the eye pauses and then it goes on and it gives the eye more of a
sense of going on a journey more of a sense of discovery
Posey’s got three birch trees just slightly off-center in the middle of her
garden and these give her terrific privacy from the windows opposite and of
course they don’t throw any shade on either of her neighbor’s gardens but she
was also going to throw away a large swing bench but she thought well perhaps
if I put that halfway down the garden as well that will give the added height
that the garden needs and also another lovely place to sit and enjoy the garden
meanwhile at the other end of the garden there used to be a shed and then some
hard standing in a bit of terrace behind Posey we built the shed last year and
it’s a lovely quirky shed and she’s decided to make much less hard standing
around that area because there is so much hard material in a town there’s
walls as houses as paws as terraces so she wants it to be greener and Wilder
and she excavated the terrace and underneath she found a path
so there was layers from previous Gardens she then wanted a biodegradable
path so that she wasn’t leaving a path for future generations to have to dig up
crazy chose seashells which will slowly biodegrade down and they will just
become part of the soil it definitely helps a long narrow garden or indeed any
sort of small garden to have some big plants and some big leaved plants if you
have small borders with small flowers in them and small plants the whole thing
will look a little bit sort of dinky and regimented so posy has got some amazing
large plants posies planting mixes soft shapes and vintage colors like this
beautiful climbing rose Madame Isaac pereire but the plant that everybody
just always wants to know what that is another rose it’s that spiky sculptural
one in the middle there and its name is so complicated that I can hardly
pronounce it but if you’d like to know what it is it is in the links in the
description below along with the link – posies garden consultancy business the
plant with the dark stems and the fluffy lilac top is the Lick trim black
stockings and that’s a lovely plant for giving sort of just shape and airiness
and color posy changes her garden almost every year and that’s something you can
do – if you’ve got a small town garden or a long narrow garden it’s actually
it’s not because it’s not a huge area it is easy to experiment she has dug up the
path herself with her sons and equally you don’t always have to bring in lots
of hard landscape and you can cut a new bed and see what it’s like and then turf
it over the next year if you don’t like him and the same with paths if you want
to try out a path you could perhaps use something that biodegrades like bark or
seashell mulch before making a big investment in hard landscaping so you
can decide where you really want the path to be the middle size garden
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11 thoughts on “The best narrow garden ideas – from the Middlesized Garden of the month in June.

  1. Wonderful! I love Posy's garden! Is there somewhere we can find out the names of some of the plants shown? We have a long narrow back yard and it is soooo rectangular and boring with a lawn in the centre, beds on one side of the lawn and our house's terrace on the other. A cypress hedge is at the far end, bookended by two cluttered sheds. All our garden style is in the front yard (see my channel). I am very keen on developing a great garden style in the back and Posy's garden is inspiring! Thanks for posting this video.

  2. Beautiful small garden and very helpful advice.
    If I may offer a suggestion I would like the videos to be a little more slow paced with longer and more detailed views of the garden and plants. I am not talking of an hour long video, just few more minutes to give the viewers time to appreciate all the beauty on display and better recognise the plants.
    YouTube has a helpful function to change the speed of the video. I usually I use it to speed up boring videos but in your case I slow it down to the lowest notch, lol!

  3. The featured was lovely. I have the opposite problem in my garden because my borders a a bit wider than I would like. I love the garden ideas and inspiration from you channel. 🙂🌺

  4. Alexandra, this may not be the best place to post this suggestion but I don't really know where else to pt it. Over here in Melbourne Australia we have a lot of wind in our weather, getting worse every year. The wind really plays havoc with the plants in the garden. I have been looking up the internet for how to create a windbreak in a small/mid-size garden (such as 50 feet by thirty feet) where there is a house, then garden beds, various trees and lawn, then the street (front) or fence (back). I can only find advice for farmers who are trying to shelter a huge farm or for houses where the aim is to shelter the house from the wind. I want to shelter my plants from the wind. I am really tired of going out to the front garden and finding leaves torn off hydrangea quercifolia or lavenders and salvias leaning in one direction as they are so windblown, roses snapped from their stems by wind, and so on. If you know someone who has protected their garden with windbreaks or have some other idea how to cover this topic, I would love to see such a video. I am sure other people have windy mid-size gardens too.

  5. One of the big advantages to having a small garden is the ease of making experimental changes. Thanks for this video packed with good design tips.

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