The California Garden In July – Summer Harvest Month – in 4K

in the monthly gardening series of
videos today we will look at the California garden in the month of july
this month the garden has a lot of summer plants
growing and it’s one of the best months for harvesting a lot of vegetables this video is divided into four sections we will first take a look at the garden
tour we will take a look at the harvest that
we made we will then take a look at what’s growing in the California garden
in the month of july and finally we will look at some things that you need to do in
your garden this month after harvesting our red onions we planted some emerald okra in this bed
and this is the okra that has been growing for a while now and it’s
producing excellent okra pods this is the tomato bed as you can see we’re growing a lot of
varieties of tomatoes and this is what i call my tomato jungle in this bed we had garlic harvested and
then we planted some bush beans this is our corn bed the Triple Crown
hybrid variety and we have had a lot of corn from this bed we then move on to the peppers and
eggplant bed which produced a lot of poblano peppers and some delicious
eggplants now let’s look at some of the harvests
that we made hyacinth beans we’ve been growing these
beans for the past few months now and they’re producing very well in July as
you can see here the harvest looks pretty good these beans are eaten with the pods whole
and it is absolutely delicious we also planted a lot of bush beans in
five gallon containers and it was a pretty good option we were able to harvest a lot of bush
beans from these containers for about a month or maybe a bit more but they do
stop producing after some time because they are Bush type of beans unlike
beans that are vining beans which produce for a much longer time but for
the space that they use this is a very good option you can plant about three
plants in every five gallon container and that will produce a lot of beans for
you now let’s look at Asparagus beans we
posted a video on this last week we showed you how to grow those beans and
we were able to harvest a lot of asparagus beans through the month of july
these beings produce a lot of these long beans also called yard long beans and we
were able to get a great harvest from this container of asparagus beans we also harvested a lot of blueberries we have a small blueberry bush growing
in a container this is the sharp blue variety of
blueberry which produces a small to medium
blueberries and for the most part our blueberries are quite small but they are
very sweet and they’re absolutely delicious and a month of July they produce
a lot of blueberries that can be harvested here you can see the harvest they are fresh
delicious and very sweet although summer is not the best season
for growing carrots we did plant this atomic red variety of
carrot in this whiskey barrel container and in the month of July they had
matured enough to be harvested so we went ahead and harvested all the
carrots from this whiskey barrel container and as you can see here the
atomic red carrots look very beautiful and they’re very delicious as well we also had some glass gem corn that we
were growing in a container a five gallon container and by just moving the
husk a little bit you can see whether or not the corn is ready and this is how
it looks like we harvested a lot of eggplants as well this is the purple eggplant variety and
we harvested a lot of eggplants not only from the raised beds this is the one that’s going in the raised
bed as you can see here lots of fruits I had to hand pollinate almost every
flower that you see that’s converted to fruit and once you hand pollinate your
eggplants you can expect to get a very good harvest so i highly recommend that you do that
and you can keep harvesting them so that they produce more and more eggplants and
make sure you’re fertilizing very well throughout the growing season make sure you give your plants a lot of
epsom salt so that they produce really good quality eggplants now grapes is the
most exciting fruit we grew in our garden this year and after two years finally we got grapes and as you can see
here beautiful-looking grapes this is the Thompson seedless variety of
grapes and initially when we harvest the grapes they were a little green and
tangy to taste but as the season progressed we got a lot more sunlight
the grave started turning yellow and here you can see these one of the
sweetest grapes that we harvested during the mid season and finally towards the
end of july the grapes started turning a little bit red reddish yellow and as you
can see here at this is the type of grapes we harvested and these were the
sweetest grapes I mean the Sun was shining and the
grapes are turning into raisins they were drying on the plant and as you can
see here these great looking grapes amazing taste and very sweet grapes so i
highly recommend that you grow this grape variety this year we had a better gourd plants
growing in containers as you can see here it was growing pretty
well for a small container medium sized container you can say and these are the bitter gourd fruits
that we’re going to be harvesting now and you can harvest these throughout the
summer season they produce a lot of these gourds and they’re very easy to
grow in your home garden in the month of july we also harvested a lot of okra we were
growing okra the giant variety in this whiskey barrel container and then we
also had some growing in the ground now this is the one that we were growing
in our whiskey barrel container this is the nombo giant variety and we
harvested a lot of okra from this container and as you can see here very nice looking pods quite long
compared to the regular okra and very good tasting as well so if you haven’t tried growing this
okra variety do try growing it and we also grew okra in our raised beds this is the dark green variety of okra
much more soft and tender compared to the giant okra variety and also tastes
very nice so this is the other variety that we
grew and we eat a lot of okra so all this okra proved
to be very helpful and we harvested our red onion sets that we planted in december
and it took about six to seven months for this onion plant to grow and as you
can see here they are pretty large heads and at this stage they can be harvested
and dried now I did notice that i overwatered some of these onions and
that’s what i posted in my other video as well but anyway great-looking harvest
and these are our poblano peppers these papers grew very well in this 5 gallon
container and we were able to harvest a lot of these peppers now once again poblano peppers are one
of my favorite pepper varieties because they have the best balance of
heat and taste and these are the dragon cayenne pepper this is a hot pepper variety that I’m
going for the first time this year and i’m very happy with the taste and the
heat of this pepper it’s actually a very hot pepper and we also harvested our salad Rose
radish now summer is not the optimum time to
grow radish but this radish variety the salad rose grew very well during july
and we were able to harvest this as you can see here large radish and we tried to
grow this radish under partial shade so that it doesn’t get scorched from the
heat of the Sun and it did pretty well as you can see here the harvest looks
pretty good and this is a filler vegetable to grow
if you have containers this is a great vegetable to grow in
your garden and it’s an easy and quick harvest strawberries… summer is not complete without a mega
strawberry harvest so we harvested this Chandler variety as you can see here
from this container we were able to get a lot of strawberries in july july was
probably the month we harvested the most strawberries from our garden including
this other variety the Ozark beauty we were able to harvest a lot of
strawberries of all varieties during the month of july and hand-picked strawberries
from your garden are so delicious they’re always very sweet just wait for
the right time to harvest them and they’re absolutely delicious as well summer vegetables are not complete
without tomatoes and July was the month where we harvested the most number of
tomatoes the ones that you can see here are the
honey gold variety of tomatoes that we are harvesting and this plant produced a
lot of tomatoes as you can see here beautiful looking tomatoes this is the rutgers tomato again nice-looking tomatoes and it’s an
heirloom variety that produces very good tasting tomatoes so all in all we got great tomatoes
including this cherry tomato that you see here there’s a beefsteak tomato and a lot
of other tomatoes that we grew this season you can see here beautiful-looking
tomatoes now let’s take a look at what’s growing
in our California garden we have cucumbers growing that will
produce very soon we have a lot of fruit trees that are
producing fruits now so this is the white Arabian guava and
if you have watched our previous videos you might have realized that this is a
great tasting variety of guava and during this season it is producing a lot
of guavas small guavas that will ripen into a good-tasting throat our
pomegranates are also growing very well this year we had some chill hours due to which the plant produced
a lot of pomegranates as you can see here and as the season
gets cooler the pomegranates will start maturing and these will be ready to
harvest by around and of september-october and november so this
is the wonderful variety of pomegranate and it’s going pretty well this is our bearss lime tree or the
Persian limes and they’re growing pretty well we are getting a lot of fruits as
you can see here this plant is quite loaded with fruits this is a very delicious tasting lime
and it’s very easy to grow as well our moringa got trees have started
flowering again and we just hope that some of these flowers get converted into
fruits the moringa pods are very delicious to eat and we’re just hoping that we get
some pods just like we did last year our dancy tangerine tree is now quite
large and it did produce a lot of tangerines last year but what we are
seeing here is that this year also we are getting a lot of tangerines this is the Mexican white guava plant
and it’s loaded with guavas as usual as it does every year we get a lot of
guavas from this plant and for the size of this plant this plant is quite loaded
and it will be loaded with heavy fruits by around October now let’s look at what are the things to
do in your garden compost tea make sure that you’re brewing your compost
tea with fish emulsion and seaweed and feed it to all your plants especially
your container plants which need a lot of nutrients and take care of your corn
plant if you’re growing corn plants you need to make sure its pest free and i will
quickly tell you how to do that you just need some neem oil that you
will mix with water and a small sprayer like this this is one of the most
easy sprayers to use and what you basically do is take one tablespoon of
neem oil and mix it with water and once done you need to charge up your
sprayer by using the hand pump that’s provided what this does is it builds up pressure
so that your sprayer start spraying and then you go to your corn silks make sure the corn silks are completely
drenched with this neem oil solution and if you remember our aloe vera plant from
last month’s video it has now grown quite big and it needs transplanting so
the transplanting this into this small container and if needed we will
transplant it into a larger container and don’t forget to make sure that
you’re making your compost every month as you can see here we are collecting
our guava leaves if you have a little helpers in your house they love doing
this collect all your leaves and then put
them into a compost bin make sure you always compositing so there we have it folks that was our
video on the monthly gardening series for july if you liked our video please give us a
thumbs up if you have any comments please do leave them below and do check
out our other videos as well we’ll see you again soon happy gardening

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