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♪♪ This shoot took place on one of
the rainiest days of the year. Roads were flooded
all around the location, and we considered canceling
because we didn’t think anybody would be out
buying flowers. Fortunately, a few brave souls
made it to the shop, and I got to magically
brighten up their day. Michael:
How can I help you out? I’m looking for a small,
little centerpiece where I can just put it
on someone’s desk at work. Yeah.
You know what’s good? We do these
adorable little — For desktops,
it’s really cute. It’s inside of, like,
a coffee mug. Okay. You know, like,
you choose one of these mugs, and it’s a bloom inside. Oh, wow. And, you know,
this is them. They’re really cute.
-Oh, that is cute. -Isn’t that great?
-Oh, the roses are pretty too. Roses are pretty, yeah. Let’s do the tulips then. -You want to go tulips?
-Yeah. Okay, sure. Now, I have a choice
of, um, mug for you, too — the colorful mug, or the…
-Mm. I mean, the bird is cute. -Yep.
-Yeah, the bird. -Want to go bird? Okay.
-Yeah, I’ll go bird. So, we’ll do tulips
with the bird mug, and I’m going to get that
set up for you right here. In fact, this is funny because I was just mixing
some of the mud. -Oh, wow.
-Yeah. So, that’s the mud
that you pour it in? Yeah, you know, I like
to keep the bottom of it — -Oh.
-I put in the bottom like this. Okay? That just
keeps it real fresh. It provides
the nutrients for it. -Mm-hmm.
-So, versus, like, you know, cut flowers that are
only going to last a few days… -Mm.
-…this will keep nutrients inside of it.
-So it’ll last longer. Yeah,
so it’ll last longer. Okay, so, we said tulips?
-Mm-hmm. So I’ve got some tulip
petal popper seeds here. I’ll put those in
for you. Okay. And, you know, what looks
really nice with that is hydrangea. So I’m going to put
some of that in with there. Just a few of that —
Try and get it in the front. When it bursts up in the front,
it looks really good. Oh, okay. And maybe just a few,
you know, Florida rustic
thistle sprigs cause that’ll just give it
a little something. -Mm-hmm.
-Okay. So, you can set
that up tonight. You can do that yourself,
or, um, if you want to — So, wait. I have
a few questions. -Oh, yeah.
-Do I add water? Oh, no, you do it
in the microwave. -Oh!
-Yeah, yeah. So I just put it
in the microwave, and it’ll just go up? Yeah, yeah. I can do it for you here
if you want. -C-Can you?
-Yeah, sure, sure. -I want to see that. [Laughs]
-Yeah. These seeds were
all cross-pollinated with popping corn. -Oh, wow.
-So, in the same way that a corn kernel pops up…
-Uh-huh. …you know, the flowers are
infused the same way. So that goes in there. -That’s cute.
-Okay, and take a look. -That’s crazy.
-I’m going to set this… [ Microwave beeps ] …for 10 seconds. -Uh-huh.
-And we’ll start that up. And we’ll watch it. Just 10 quick,
little seconds… [ Popping ] -[ Gasps ]
-…and it activates quick. The water comes through. [ Microwave beeps ] If you water it,
it can last for months. [ Gasps ] Oh, my goodness.
That is so — [ Laughs ] Yep. And so — [Sniffs]
so fresh. I mean, freshly popped
flowers are… Mmm, that — yeah. …totally the rage
at weddings now, too. -That —
-It’s crazy, right? Yeah, the idea — It’s funny
’cause so many people — Everyone knows
microwaved popcorn. -Mm.
-And it seems like a fascinating thing,
but if you think about it… Yeah, same thing. Yeah, it’s a plant.
You know, corn is a plant. Yeah. So, it’s just, you know,
infusing the seed work. Oh, wow. -Oh! You know what?
-What was that? [ Laughs ] One was un-popped. [ Laughs ]
That’s crazy, though. You can just put it
in your other one. Mnh-mnh, I’m good.
-Yeah, sorry about that. You know, how sometimes there’s
that one little kernel… -Yeah, that one, it popped.
-…that didn’t pop yet? Uh, you can keep that, too.
-That’s crazy. Okay, thank you. Let me see if I can get you
a coupon, okay? Okay, thanks. All right, hang on. That is crazy. ♪♪ Hmm.

88 thoughts on “The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Freshly Popped Flowers | truTV

  1. I'm not sure whether I should have an erection or say that's a handsome looking beautiful person LOL my boner is so confused haha

  2. It's weird seeing this type of video without it being followed by a screen full of bubbles and a chorus of POP… POP UP VIDEO!! #VH1

  3. You can tell me this trick is complicated but witnessing flowers poppin out of a cup is sorcery…he's not even close to the microwave

  4. Freshly popped ๐Ÿฅค flowers ๐Ÿ’ haha. Thatโ€™s why heโ€™s priceless. Itโ€™s the Adverb followed by the Adjective followed by the Noun. Classic ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  5. Well, actually, when you #ThinkAboutIt/#BreakItDown, it's the #Idiots out in the nasty/shitty weather wandering around for the dumbest reasons which are the #PerfectCandidates for this show…#Gullible

  6. not too complicated. just replace the microwave door with a video screen and have your friend on the other side of the wall swap the cups

  7. The microwave door was a tablet to show the fake pupping up and someone put the flowers in the microwave from the behind!

  8. โ€œCross-pollinated with popping cornโ€ โ€œinfusing the seed-workโ€ lmaO the bs he makes up always gets me

  9. Interesting! I was going to ask if these "men-in-disguise" from the show are very usual to appear in these towns' shops of the US, or if they are"friends" of Michael ๐Ÿ˜‚. So, they are not friends of him but at least there was an indirect connection. I knew it! lol

  10. unfortunately fake, cause what if someone asked for a big bag of flowers what would he give them

  11. So this person is a friend of someone who works on the show but she doesnt know the setup at all or the show…sounds a little fishy to me

  12. How was this complex… they literally just stuck a shitty lcd screen to the inside of a fake microwave, completing obstructing the view of the flower pot being switched. Literally this entire trick was hidden from her view, must have been the easiest trick this guy has ever done..

  13. How could you ever believe that a flower could benifit from a microwave? Seriously? Is this what America thinks? Asking as I don't understand how they could vote for a reality star to become president,,,

  14. notice how it said the average BRIDE spends that on wedding flowers because that side of the wedding is coming off her paycheck lmao. id be filling the bouquet with daisies from the side of the road

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