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Hi there we are on our way to Holy to hear a story from the bible Holy who live in the Bible knows millions and millions of stories Isn’t that Right Tubby Come on Gumbo and Freckles lets sing a song for Holy Hi Holy good to see you. That was a lovely song thankyou Holy we want to ask you something. Do you know who is the smartest one Freckels, Me or Gumbo I have a simple solution who ever answers the Question I ask the end The story I am about to tell you is the smartest of the 3, that sounds fair. Alright! Long time ago in Cupernium lived a Roman Centurion or army officer Who was Incharge of 100 Roman Soldiers Once his servant was very ill. The officer have heard about Jesus So he told some of Jewis leaders to go and ask Jesus for help to save his servant As soon as Jesus came to town, the elders went to him And told him about the centurions request. They said he is a Good Man and deseves your help He build a place to worship and he is kind to our people Jesus agreed to meet him. But before Jesus reached the officers house Some of his friends met him with the message from the officer. They said The officer have requested you not to trouble Yourself for him He said he is not good enough You to enter his house He has told you, To say some kind words from a distance Your kind words have thee power to travel miles When Jesus heard the message he smiled He turned to his followers and said I haven’t found such faith in the whole of Isreal The friends then returned to the offiers house and saw the servant have been healed. Wow! Jesus healed a man from a distance. Yes, he did Freckels. All you need is to have faith Now answser the Question Who did the officer want the Jesus to Heal? We all know ,the officer want Jesus to heal the servant Who was ill. That is right children. All very smart Thank you Holy, that makes us all very Happy.

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  1. And also, Roman legionaries did not look like that. They carried a rectangular shield called a scutum, not round shields. They also carried a small short sword called a gladius, and two throwing spears called pila. Their helmets also did not have a crest.

  2. A centurion commanded 80 soldiers called a century, not 100. Since a cohort is 480 men and comprised of 6 centuries, if a century contained 100 men, a cohort would comprise of 600 men, which it didn't.

  3. A Centurion commanded 80 men. Not 100. These 80 soldiers formed a century. If it was 100 men it would not make up the 480 men that formed a cohort. (Six Centuries formed a Cohort and in turn ten Cohorts formed the Roman Legion.)

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