The Compost Story (Full Video) by Kiss The Ground

have you ever looked at a banana peel and wondered about it all that time spent nurturing the banana and now it’s just waste could this humble peel serve a greater purpose currently in the u.s. over sixty billion pounds of mineral rich food materials go to landfills each year imagine if we diverted those billions of pounds from the landfill and turn them into compost imagine our city’s vacant lots converted into food forest imagine abundance everywhere and it can help reverse climate change but most likely it won’t why because we’re insane we define waste as anything unused unproductive or not properly utilized but waste is a human invention we’re the only creatures on earth who don’t live a zero-waste existence yep thanks to trillions of microbes that are in and around everything including us anything that lives gets repurposed and contributes to the growth of new life some 500 million years ago these microbes brought plants onto the land the microbes provided minerals and water in exchange for carbon sugars produced by the plants through photosynthesis this resulted in a terrestrial explosion of life more life meant more excretion to death which meant more food and nutrients which decomposes in all soil life known as the soil food web this increased the abundance and biodiversity of ecosystems and turned barren land into fertile soil today composting mimics this natural upcycling process transforming combinations of organic material into life spilled nutrient available organic matter compost isn’t just mulch manure or food waste on its own nor does it stink compost has the aroma of the forest floor after it also has superpowers compost can enhance food nutrition increase crop yields and strengthened plants immune systems all while increasing the soils water holding capacity and compost stimulates plant growth by bringing in microbial life nutrients and water retaining humans to deplete a soil more plant growth takes even more carbon out of the atmosphere microbes feed plants plants feed microbes and the self-regenerating soil carbon pump cycles on and on building soil compost is a regenerative substance this isn’t just fertilizer it’s an essential microbial source a probiotic for the land beneath our feet now while we’ve made some great progress recycling paper and even composting yard trimmings currently in the US over 50% of trash going to landfills his food scraps paper yard trimmings and would all compostable materials we are throwing away the very building blocks of life only 5% of our food scraps get composted 5% that means over 60 billion pounds of mineral rich food material much still fully edible the weight of four and a half greats Egyptian pyramids total landfills each year and her mom’s making methane gas a greenhouse gas up to 86 times more potent than co2 and it’s not just food grass leaves and clippings all designed by nature to fall back to the ground and increase fertility are shipped miles to landfill now that’s insane some city governments are finally stepping up by providing green bins to make composting more available but too often they’re misused toxic materials trash is being mixed with the stuff we grow our food just stop it don’t put toxins of non organics in that bin please our current agricultural system Rob’s our soils of carbon and biology replacing them with chemicals leaving some more degeneration and desert vacation we’ve broken the regenerative loop of life it’s crazy without soil life on land as we know it is impossible and soil without life it’s just dust if the soil has been stripped of its life-giving qualities what can help save our future properly made compost the soil would be spongy again retaining water and restoring our underground water supplies fertile farms producing tastier and more nutritious food and no longer covered in toxic chemicals imagine a farm-to-table to compost to farm system this is the regenerative system our future depends on and doing it at home is easier than you think you can at home use your green bins if you for some reason don’t have a green bin request one from your city or find a neighbor or community garden who can use your compostables cities like San Francisco Los Angeles st. Louis in my hometown New York are leading the charge Thank You countries from Haiti to Australia are using compost to address food security and desertification schools hospitals and restaurants are waking up to compost in their food scraps scientists and compost manufacturers are improving methods making our superhero even more powerful yes life isn’t over for the humble peel along with other organic material it can help restore fertility to our soil regenerate our food systems clean our water and it can help reverse climate change really okay so what can you do do all you can to support composting if were to keep the planet habitable human beings must participate and regeneration each of us can play a role to help regenerate our planet simply by composting the cycle of this can make or break us you choose [Applause] [Music]

38 thoughts on “The Compost Story (Full Video) by Kiss The Ground

  1. Well said! Compost is one of the solutions to climate change, while solving so many other issues!

  2. Good going!  I've been teaching about composting for years, and with our organization, LA Green Grounds, helping people grow food,  keep a compost pile going to feed their gardens.  I love your spirited shout out for composting.  Amy Smart ! – hello from Topanga!

  3. permaculture now, save all fruit vegatable scraps, all green waste and make a garden out of it using every bit…all about the leaves, leave them. Trees are life.

  4. Hey! What about Seattle? @ 5:22, we've been composting yard waste and food scraps citywide for years.

  5. Great video ! =) We just got green bins here in the city where I live, in Scotland. I'd love to know how to make my own compost in an apartment 🙂

  6. you should add in to your video description (and tags) the names of the celebs you have. its a great video and may help get more views.

  7. Great Video, An amazing way to draw the public's attention to such a critical issue. Check out the Surrey Biofuel facility, which harnesses biogas as well as creates compost from municipally collected organics!.

  8. Fantastic production and so obvious. No mention though, about the chemicals already in our food system and the possibility that we might be producing toxic compost by passing those on. I would love to hear some clarification on that.
    People would also need to be more diciplined with what they put in the bins. I recycle my plastic bags but every time I go there the bins contain trash from people who just use it for anything. Wake up people … this cannot happen without sensible participation. Thanks to Kiss the Ground.

  9. Great, BUT… those compost bins do need to come with loud and clear instructions. Aside from non-compostable material being put in them, people often wait until they are full before putting them out to be picked up. In those intervening weeks, the detritus goes anaerobic, which stinks, contains pathogens and is no longer suitable for composting!!!

  10. CARBON & Carbon Dioxide is GOOD, Thanks For making THAT clear 🙂 oh & that white part of the inside of the peel helps reduce wrinkles (rinse off) & teeth whitener etc.

  11. AWESOME work guys! This is one of the best explanations and set of infographics I've seen, and I'm constantly looking for good videos to teach this subject. You need to take this global and everyone on the planet needs to see it! Multiple language versions (or, at the very least, subtitles) and less of a US-centric focus would make this possible.

  12. This is a great video. Would like to see compostable waste pickup options in every community (right now only trash and recycled waste is collected. Compostable waste pickup is something we have to pay for and individually sign up for though a for-profit vendor.). Anyone here have free compostable waste pickup?

  13. Screening this tomorrow in my Green Screen film series and course at Santa Monica College! This is so informative and entertaining!

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