The Easiest Way to Fertilize Corn in Your Vegetable Garden

Corn is one of those plants in your vegetable
garden that’s a very heavy feeder. It needs a lot of fertilizer. So we planted our Trucker’s Favorite corn
earlier this spring with the Hoss Garden Seeder. We planted on top of drip irrigation and we
ended up with a really good stand. But now it’s time to fertilize the corn. Now there’s a couple ways people typically
fertilize their corn, or even other stuff in their vegetable garden. One way is to do what they call side-dress. That’s where you make a furrow down the side
of the row and you put granular fertilizer in that furrow. And then as water enters the soil, it leaches
that fertilizer and makes it available to the corn roots. The best way that we’ve found to fertilize
things in the vegetable garden is by using these fertilizer injectors into the drip irrigation
system. This makes it really easy. You basically just hook these up at your water
source. They use any kind of water-soluble fertilize. You can use fish emulsion, Chilean nitrate
if you’re trying to be strictly organic in your garden. Today we’re using this 20-20-20 which is a
standard fertilizer readily available. It’s 20% nitrogen, 20% potassium and 20% phosphorous. The nice thing about this fertilizer is that
it’s blue and so you can see it moving through the lines here on the fertilizer injector. These fertilizer injectors, like I said, are
really easy to install. You basically hook them up between your faucet
and your water hose. You have a line going in the tank and a line
going out of the tank. The line going in is pumping water into the
tank and the line going out is pumping water plus fertilizer out of the tank into your
drip system or whatever water system you’re using. These fertilizer injectors have four different
settings. They have a slow, a 1, a 2 and then a fast. We typically use the fast setting. Using the fast setting, it takes about two
hours to empty all the fertilizer in this tank. With the blue 20-20-20, it’s really easy to
tell because you can see the color to start disappearing in the line. So if you’ve never used one of these fertilizer
injectors, they’re really worth giving a try. It makes it really easy to fertilize your
garden. You just mix the stuff in the tank. When we mix this 20-20-20, we usually just
add a few cups — anywhere from 2 to 4 cups of this stuff. And then dissolve it in a larger container
and then pour it in the tank. Dissolve it, and you’re ready to go.

2 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Fertilize Corn in Your Vegetable Garden

  1. Interesting!!! So even if you’re using ferts that are clear you can add some food coloring and you can also tell when the fertilizer is almost used up!!

  2. Guys, I ran across this cool calculator that Mississippi State created for figuring out how much fertilizer to mix:

    It is formatted for mobile devices too. It does need to know the soil analysis, so if you dont know that you may have to guess.

    Also a table of typical fertilizer needs per plant can be found here

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