The Easiest Way to Fertilize Vegetable Seedlings

On this week’s two-minute tip keeping
your vegetable seedlings fertilized and happy. So on the last two-minute tip we
talked about what to look for in a seed starting mix then we talked about our
favorite seed starting mix but what do we do once those vegetable seeds
germinate start to sprout and grow. So once those seedlings emerge from the
soil and form their first set of true leaves which is actually their second
set of leaves that’s when we want to really start pumping some fertilizer to
these guys and our favorite tool for doing that is this little simple piece
right here called the Brass Siphon Mixer now this is the perfect tool for
injecting fertilizer into a small watering system where you’re going to be
using a shorter hose and you’re going to be doing mostly hand watering so this
brass siphon mixer is really easy to install you just hook it up to your
faucet and then hook your water hose up beneath it it’s got a built-in backflow
preventer so it’s going to not allow any fertilizer to go backwards back into
your water system and then the black tube there you simply just drop that
into a bucket with your dissolved fertilizer and it’s going to pull that
up and inject it into the water hose out of the nozzle or whatever device you’re
using to water your plants now you could use any type of water soluble fertilizer
but we really like to use our 20-20-20 on these vegetable seedlings and it
works really well with this brass siphon mixer so what we like to do is we take
anywhere from 1 to 2 cups of that 20-20-20 and we’ll just dissolve it in a five-gallon bucket mix it around in
there make sure it’s good and dissolved it will dissolve better in warm water
although with a little stirring it does fine in cold water as well. So then we
just drop that black tube into our dissolved fertilizer solution that’s
gonna pull up that fertilizer and inject it into our water supply at a 16:1
ratio that means for every 16 gallons of water we put out we’re also putting out
one gallon of that fertilizer solution. Now as far as frequency goes we like to
fertilize these seedlings or these vegetable transplants at least twice a week. So when we’re not fertilizing the transplants and we’re just watering these plants We’ll keep it just a clean bucket of
water and we’ll move that tube over that clean bucket of water when we’re not
fertilizing move it back to the fertilizer solution when we want to
fertilize so if you’re growing your own transplants and you definitely should be
make sure you give them plenty of fertilizer when they’re young so they’ll
be nice and healthy when you move them out to your vegetable garden. Hope you
enjoyed this week’s two-minute tip. We’ll see you next week.

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  1. How much prressure does it take to make that siphon mixer work? I was wondering if i could use it with my gravity feed system in my green house?

  2. Thank u this is what u call proper info direct and to the point but relax a little bit to show that u enjoy what u do

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