The Easiest Way to Fertilize Your Garden

on this week’s two-minute tip the easiest
and most effective way to fertilize your garden so this right here is what we
call our EZ-FLO fertilizer injector and this is basically a tank that you
fill with fertilizer and you have water coming in and then water and
fertilizer going out into your water supply into your garden so this
right here is going to let you fertilize your garden while you’re doing something
else like the old rotisserie oven guy used to say you just set it and forget it basically just fill up the tank turn it on and let it run till it’s out of fertilizer now these fertilizer
injectors are going to work with any water soluble fertilizer my preference
is to use our 20-20-20 it really works well through there and the fertilizer is
blue and you can see it coming through the line so my garden is about 5,000
square feet so what I’ll do is I’ll take this container right here which is 2
quarts and I’ll fill it about halfway with that dry 20-20-20 and then I’ll
pour water in here and dissolve that and then pour that dissolve mixture into the
tank now once you’ve got your fertilizer in the tank you want to make sure you go
ahead and fill that tank up with water otherwise you’re gonna have to wait for
that to happen once you turn the injector on the injector itself has four
different speed settings on how fast you want to apply the fertilizer but I always just put it on the fast setting for my garden it usually takes about
two to three hours to empty that tank or for the water running out of the clear
line to be clear and I know there’s no more fertilizer left in that tank now
when you’re done fertilizing for that day whether you have used all that
fertilizer in the tank or not it’s a good idea to go ahead and empty out that
tank for one you don’t want to leave that tank under constant pressure so you
want to disconnect at least one of the lines so that tank is not under constant
pressure while you’re watering the rest of the time during the week secondly you
want to empty that tank because it can get some algal buildup in there which
will eventually clog some your lines so make sure you empty that tank and clean
it out so that you don’t get that build-up and you keep the lines clean
and clear for future use now you could use this fertilizer
injector with overhead watering but it’s most effective with drip irrigation
where you’re putting that water and fertilizer right at the plant roots so why would you water your garden and fertilize your garden separately when you can do them at the same time you can do it quickly and you can do it more
effectively if you’re interested in one of these fertilizer injectors I’ll put a
link in the description below and you can go check those out hope you enjoyed
this week’s two-minute tip. We’ll see you next week.

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