The Family Monsters Garden, RHS. Chelsea Flower Show – Winning at Chelsea

Well we’ve just won a gold medal for the Family Monsters Garden and I’m absolutely ecstatic It’s what dreams are made of really this is why we do it and I’m certainly someone who dreamed of coming to Chelsea and winning a gold
there’s no feeling like it and I’m so proud for the charity (Family Action) and this is an opportunity to
get the Family Monsters Project out there to the visitors of Chelsea and of course to the 22 apprentices we’ve engaged with the project they can all
now associate themselves with a Chelsea gold it’s one thing winning a gold but to
win Best Artisan Garden is an amazing feeling not only does it recognise that we’ve
all delivered something that’s of high quality and met with design brief we’ve also delivered something that the judges have felt has been the best of it’s category and there’s some pretty
show-stopping Gardens in this category

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