The Farm in My Backyard (Official Trailer)

(melancholic music) – My husband and I came here
with the hopes of retirement. Came here to find a piece of paradise because we thought we had found it. Very disillusioned to find out what was really going
on in the background. – We’re downstream, basically, from a really really intensely
populated area of mink farms which basically have
polluted our headwaters and we’re feeling the brunt
of that downstream from them. – Microcystins is the name of the toxin it gives off which kills. Right here in Yarmouth County,
the municipal bylaws say that you can’t have a mink pen within 500 feet of a body of water. Just look, that’s what they do anyway. – All over the world,
governments, people are saying, we don’t want this anymore
and they’re being shut down. And here in little old Nova
Scotia, what are we doing? We’re saying, big money maker,
let’s, let’s go with this. (melancholic music) – This is our water,
it’s, it’s all our water. (melancholic music)

2 thoughts on “The Farm in My Backyard (Official Trailer)

  1. Every individual, whatever their species, has an inherent right to own their body and their life. Challenge the LIES you were told since childhood that claim otherwise. The ONLY body that belongs to you is your own! Be vegan and learn reverence for life., &

  2. 🥺😢💔…some people are just void of any compassion or empathy. How they can do this for a living is beyond me. Thank you 🙏 for exposing this vile cruelty.

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