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This is the crazy story of what happens when
a bunch of idealistic farmers decide to start a company. It’s the story of Organic Valley. You’ve probably heard of it, but maybe not. As far as names go, it’s pretty boring and
easy to forget. And that’s how beauty shots are made. I came up with the word ‘Organic Valley’ I said “This is easy, people can understand it.” It’s really not that creative. We were not a very sophisticated bunch. Yep, somehow this company with a forgettable
name That was started by just seven organic farmers I’m one of the founding farmers for Organic
Valley In the middle of nowhere, Wisconsin, has lasted For thirty years. And today they deliver ridiculously fresh
organic milk, Eggs, cheese, butter and cream To families all around the country. But wait, let’s back up. This whole thing got started because of this
guy. Back in 1988, George was a long-haired, shoeless, hippie
farmer. He and his farmer buddies were sick of the
way food was being grown With toxic pesticides, And how farmers were being treated, And he was saying radical stuff, like: “The conventional food that you buy in the
store is food raised in a manner that is harmful
to the earth.” That’s pretty whacky. George is stubborn, but he’s also a very reasonable
person. So George and six neighbor farmers Decided to start an organic cooperative. Which meant the farmers would own and run
the company, And make food that’s better. For you, The animals, The land, And your tastebuds. Yeah, it’s a real important thing. Let’s just say in those early days, it was
kind of like the wild west in organics, Or the wild midwest, we should say. I was the first Chief Financial Officer, Although we didn’t call me that. We did not have any money. All of us made five dollars an hour. It was day to day living. A couple years later, some of us went up to
seven. We were never worried about success, we were
worried about trying. Since then, Organic Valley has grown, A lot. Over two thousand small family farmers have
joined the cooperative, And all they do is make organic food, The way they would if they owned the company, Which they do. Which means no hormones, No GMO’s, no antibiotics, And no toxic pesticides. And animals get lots and lots of time out
on pasture. Crazy, right? And remember that young, idealistic farmer,
George? Well, he’s still a long-haired, shoeless farmer. (Laughs) I’ve got a reputation to maintain. But now he’s also the CEO, Who drives a hybrid car to work. Because that’s what happens when a bunch of
farmers own the company. The theme is ‘Let’s do it our way.’ So if you’re a person, Living on planet earth, Who sometimes eats food, Here’s why you should care about this story: We cannot afford To be degrading our land any longer. Small, family farms, Are much more invested in the health of the
soil, The health of the animals, The health of the people. It’s much more intimate. Organic Valley is all about promoting that
care And supporting that. Yep, a food company that’s owned and run by
a bunch of organic farmers. Call us crazy, but it’s working. (Whisper) Organic Valley.

50 thoughts on “The Food Company Crazy Enough To Change Everything | Organic Valley

  1. I absolutely love this. Even tho I’m a city person, I wish all farmers were doing this. We buy as much as we can from farms like this.
    I can’t help but admire these people.

  2. I live in Idaho and I've been buying your products for years and your milk exclusively! The whole milk is my favorite. I so love and appreciate what you guys do, thank you so much for producing delish organic milk the right way by loving and respecting the earth and animals! 🌎🐄🌱🌞

  3. That's great and all but GMO's have allowed millions of people who otherwise wouldn't have been able to eat 30 years ago.. are eating GMO raised food now because of how effective they are..

  4. Why can’t they show the cows getting milked, and their babies being taken so we can have their milk? I think it’s not about what commercials contain, but what they exclude that should make people suspicious.

  5. Take a look at Russian Siberia. What could be more organic and natural and whatsoever? 😉 You can't have all of this in USA due to the weather conditions, but still… you should try, you know ;D Watch this –

  6. I love organic foods thank you for existing, it moves me a lot to see this emotional video, God bless you always congratulations organic valley

  7. Thank you thank you …. for caring and making change. And its awesome you are one of the leaders in the Organic market!! Bravo!

  8. I think these guys are doing a great job. Being more unconventional works. Stick to simple basic principles, stay committed, do a good job, and it always works.

  9. I've never said this about any commercial, but this is truly a great ad. I really want to try their products because I believe in what they're doing.

  10. As much as "organic" is a good thing. Without genetically modified crops the world wouldn't be able to grow enough crops to feed the population of today, let alone tomorrow. The propaganda against gmo foods is thick and never addresses the positive aspects.

  11. So I should buy their milk cause they have 1 expensive hybrid car. They have old cows producing milk. And if their is a grasshopper investation on their land they will import hay to feed their cows. And let the neighbor do the pest control? Sounds good to me.😁

  12. Is it necessary to bad mouth all other farmers to push your product? The organic industry is built on the foundation of fear. People have become so disconnected from where their food comes from that they think this stuff is actually better for them.

  13. God I would love to lose this damn video commercial every damn second delete your company please

  14. Bless you guys for doing this. Seeing this made me so happy, animals need the right treatment, and that's exactly what you are giving them.

  15. I generally online buy milk from farms that I've visited to personally see the treatment of the animals but when I'm in a pinch, I trust Organic Valley.

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