The Garden of Theotokos trailer (EN, GR, RU subs)

The life of the monk is the best life. I do not say this because I am a monk.
I really think so. There is something unusual
about this icon… We heard about it from the abbot who often told us that it came
to the monastery in a mysterious way, a military man from Cyprus donated it. You probably believe that
a miracle happened, right? You are filming here, so there was
a miracle. You believe, right? Do you believe that there was
a miracle? One person sees it one way,
another sees it in another, a third one doesnít see it at all. Each one according to their faith
and spiritual disposition. The whole world around us is built
in a miraculous way. We just donít see it that way anymore. We think that just because we see
how the sun rises and sets each day and this is not a miracle
but actually, it is a miracle.

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