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“The Garden of Words” Directed by Makoto Shinkai of “The Voices of a Distant Star,”
“5 Centimeters per second,” “Children who Chase Lost Voices” Unplanned Rendezvous
On Rainy Days – A Boy Who Makes Shoes – – And a Woman Who’s trying to Walk Again – Unconcerned about getting soaked from the pouring rain The sight of you splashing through puddles disappears Morning comes quicker in the back alleys… “The Garden of Words”

100 thoughts on “The Garden Of Words Trailer | Hindi Fan Dubbed | AnimeTm Dubbers

  1. Yaar is anime movie ki koi series to nai haina ?? Agar (Koi series) nai hai to me tumhari dubbed movie zaroor dekhun ga
    Reply…. zaroor karna

  2. Bahi Mere Pass 🤐Sabdh Nahi Hai Ki Main Kya Kahu… Ye Kitna 😍🙋🙏💙❤✌🖐👍👌Kamal Ka Trailer Hai… Or Movie Jo Hogi Vo Kamal Ki Hogi… No. 1 IndianAnimeDubbers Goes To (#AnimeTMDebbers)

  3. Dubbing Thodi theek nahi is baar Vese Dv kar raha The Garden of words unki isse achhi hai mene dekha bahut best dubbing ki dv ne

  4. Movie is out now in Hindi Dubbed guys! Go and check out link below!
    Link –

    Watch and share with your friends!

  5. I love anime tm dubbers🤗🤗🤗🤗😘😘😍😍😍😄😄😄😆😆😆😆😊😊😊😊😇😇😇😇 super duper so amazing superb dubbing

  6. I just finished watching it,aur sach kahun to the dubbing wasn't that good but mere liye ye Japanese version se v acchi hai coz hindi,and I can understand how much effort they are putting into this,thanx animetm dubbers😊

  7. Now nobody here called worst Dubbing or better watch in Japanese with English Subtitles.
    Mujhe toh yeah lagta hai ki aise log sirf buraiya hi kar sakte hai.

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