The Gardens Between Nintendo Switch Review

hi everybody welcome back to get indie gaming in today’s video we’re going to do a quick run-through and a review of the gardens between again we picked up a few days ago when we’ve had a number of playthroughs of it so what do we think without wasting any more time let’s crack on with the review the gardens between offers a bittersweet puzzle time-traveling puzzle game that spins a single simple idea into a glorious four hours of play time we played the gardens between together as a family in one sitting with a coffee and ice cream break halfway through by the end this short but ever so sweet game had us wanting more the gardens between takes place upon a series of small islands each having their own theme based upon the memories of the two child protagonist s– each island is based in relation to certain aspects of the children’s past starting one dark and rainy night you find yourself looking to scale the top of each Island and by doing so deliver an orb of light that further enhances the to friends memories as portrayed by star constellations across the cosmos one island features a number of video games another a huge TV with an old-fashioned VHS video player other islands take their references from music timespan in front of the TV with huge oversized family sofas and popcorn others focus on sport and card games while the control mechanism has you influenced each of the characters actions you the player are not responsible for their movement this sees you take a back seat in the Proceedings where you act as the character’s guide by moving time backwards and forwards within to-and-fro patterns by doing so the characters use their abilities to interact with the beautifully rendered environment with each scene being accompanied by an equally pleasing soundtrack one character is able to operate switches to manipulate the environment to aid in the puzzle solving progression while the other carries the lamp containing the orb of light you must deliver to the peak of each Island to move on to the next the majority of the puzzles are simple enough where you observe the cause and effect of items moving during the passing of the time that being said some do require a certain amount of lateral thinking and a little thought others can be solved with good old-fashioned guesswork an elimination of the options before you as we said at the start by the end of the game we left wanting more and this is usually a strong mark of a title that’s done its job well we went on with our day having finished somewhat warm and fuzzy it was a great feeling and were happy to have played it and yet sad to have completed the journey the Gardens between is out now on the PlayStation for PC Mac and the Nintendo switch we reviewed this on the switch on our copy was provided by the publishers for the purpose of this review for more information on our review policy please take a look in the description below and with that many thanks for watching this little review of the gardens between it’s a mighty fine achievement and we certainly enjoyed playing it still to come this month we’ve got our top 5 indie game hidden gems the top games we think you should take a look at and a few other things besides all the best once again many thanks for watching we hope to see you again here soon for more indie game videos

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