The Living Soil (HD – Captioned)

These people think they’re doing it for their own benefit. If you go to those company meetings they show you
what happens when you spray this. And what effect it has when you spray that. Looking ahead, if people keep spraying and applying like this, the land is going to get ruined. Stopping the use of chemicals is the best idea. We spend 3 months in the water here but nothing happens to our hands and feet like the first year we farmed here. We were itching all over and Negi sir would scream all night. There was so much urea and muck in the existing water. We washed it off with hot salted water but he refused to go back to the farm the next day. Ever since then we don’t use chemicals and we don’t use any pesticides either. No matter how many bugs there are, old and new, we don’t ever use any chemicals. We can prepare our manure using our own animals and use it in the field With chemical fertilisers the soil becomes tough. I’ve been trying to plough and the surface, it’s hard. The top soil is hard unlike with our manure where it is soft and the crop is also very good. What is soil? For most people soil is just a thing that can be used and abused without giving anything back to it. If you practice multi-cropping then you have some security that the crops are exchanging nitrogen, iron or calcium. They cut the corn crop and immediately plant peas. They harvest the peas and plant the wheat and as soon as that is ready it’s back to planting corn. Everyone is in such a hurry but no one is really thinking about the problems we might have in future. No one is thinking about that. Everyone’s only thinking about how much they can grow, because it’s all about doing it fast. They don’t see how the land is being ruined with this haste. The land also needs some rest. Just like when we get tired after working and need a break, the soil needs some time to recover, so it can produce well. I made a soil bed for 45 days and after that I added some bacteria to the bed. The bacteria worked to convert the soil and now it’s so good and so full of the nutrients you need in your land. There’s all kinds of useful bacteria in here – rhizobium, azotobacter and trichoderma, all adding to our nutrition.

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  1. Good documentary,why we should go with the organic farming practices. Follow our ancient wisdom, rather than following these profit driven corporates and research

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