The November Garden – California Gardening Episode For November

in today’s episode with a look at saving
seeds from the previous season starting some winter vegetables harvesting fresh
fruits and vegetables from your garden some cool things you can buy and a lot
more welcome to the California garden in the month of November we will start with the garden tour
we will look at the harvests we made this month we then have
some things for you to do in your garden and finally we will look at some cool
gardening products so let’s begin with the garden tour November is a month
where there’s not much activity happening in the garden a lot of
planting so let’s see what we have we have some onions these are the green
onions the small bulbing kinds and right next to that we have some more onions
planted this month and these are the large bulbing kinds right next to that
we have the radishes these are the watermelon radishes and is the first
time I’m trying growing this watermelon radish variety and I’m really excited to
see how the harvest goes and right next to that we have the hyacinth beans
plant I was thinking it might die but it’s still growing strong in the winter
season we have some more brassicas which are cauliflowers and cabbages that are
growing right next to that as well as some watermelon radish and in the next
bed we have the Malabar spinach which has been growing pretty well some more
radishes on the side and then we have the broccoli this is the English
broccoli variety the purple variety and it’s grown pretty large right next to
the broccoli we have some radish plants growing as well as some carrots now
these radishes are the winter radish the the long winter radish and it’s growing
pretty well and right next to the winter radish we have some kohlrabis this is
a mix of both white as well as purple kohlrabi plants and they seem to be
growing well and in the same bed we have some chili plants that I’m planning to
overwinter so we’ll see how it goes I’ve done it successfully last year
and in the next bed right next to the one we have the kohlrabis we have
some more brassicas these are the cabbages and cauliflowers and they are
growing pretty well there is a little bit of insect damage but I think that
should be okay these plants should be able to survive and along the edge of
the bed we have some beets growing this season the beets have grown very well
and I’m hoping to harvest some good beets as the season progresses now I
usually do not grow a lot of beets but I did reserve some space for them just
because the beet greens are delicious and the beet roots are also very
delicious and very healthy and that concludes the tour of our raised beds we
will now move on to the tour of our container garden in our container garden
we have our pineapple plants that are growing pretty well next to the
pineapple plant we have a lot of carrots that are growing in this whiskey barrel
container now I’ve been trying to grow carrots in this whiskey barrel container
and I usually grew a few this time I have a lot of carrots that are growing
in this whiskey barrel container we also have a lone cauliflower plant right
there that’s growing pretty well and right next to the cauliflower plant we
have the winter radish that’s grown to quite a large size now and should be
ready for harvest soon next to that is the Ivy gourd plant and as expected it’s
becoming yellow and has brown leaves now so we’ll see how it goes and then we
have the kohlrabi plants with some surprising insect damage in just a
couple of days and while I was not watching it looks like the caterpillars
as you can see here are chewing away on the leaves so I just picked them up it’s
easy to spot them you just pick them up and then you throw them it’s a very easy
way to eliminate these pests and do make sure that you watch the underside of the
leaves as well in most brassicas including kohlrabis the insect
damage can be pretty bad pretty quick so make sure you are watching your
plants regularly let’s now look at the fruit trees we have the Dancy tangerine
that are ripening and will be ready for harvest soon followed by the Washington
Navel orange this orange tree has grown pretty large this year and while we got
a few oranges last year this year has been pretty good and we should be able
to harvest a lot of oranges this year followed by our gem avocado tree that’s
growing pretty well and in the harvest section we will jump right in to
harvesting the gem avocado now we started harvesting or avocado this month
and the avocado will keep growing and the prime time for harvesting this
avocado is somewhere around January or February but we have so many avocados on
our tree that we just started harvesting them this month and they were pretty
good they have been ripening and it’s very
delicious so this is our harvest we harvested a few we didn’t go overboard
and harvest a lot of avocados because the quality would increase over time we
did harvest our bitter gourds in November and since the cooler season is
coming this was the last month for the bitter gourd plants and we did remove
this plant although it was growing pretty well it wasn’t producing a lot of
bitter gourds because it wasn’t that hot so this is an excellent vegetable to
grow it has tremendous health benefits we also harvested our Ivy gourds and
November was again the last month I think we will be harvesting them because
the production has slowed down now that the cooler season has come in let’s now
look things to do in your garden save seeds
this is something you must do if you’re growing heirloom vegetables you should
be saving your seeds here you see this bitter gourd it actually opens up like
this when the bitter gourd is ripe so I usually leave about two or three
bitter gourds on the plant so that they can ripen and produce these seeds so all
you do is just pick out these seeds and then dry them I usually dry them on a
piece of a paper towel and once these seeds are dry you should be able to save
them very easily you can also direct sow seeds like
carrots as well as winter radishes it’s still not late to sow these vegetables
in your soil you can also start Swiss chard and spinach seeds these plants
grow very well during the winter season so you can start them separately and
then transplant them when they’re ready here you can see I’m sowing this Swiss
chard it’s a rainbow Swiss chard variety and it’s an excellent variety to grow as
well as some spinach seeds and these should be ready in about six weeks for
transplants November is also a good time to prepare the soil for your raised beds
now I recommend adding a lot of organic matter a lot of compost and in this case
for our raised bed we are adding azomite which is rock dust and it has a lot of
minerals that will remineralize your soil now if you have soil that dry like
the one I have here I’m adding some more peat moss into this bed to improve the
water retention so it really depends on what kind of soil you have but one thing
that I would definitely recommend adding every few months is compost and some
rock dust and that really helps growing great plants in your garden now I know
some of my viewers had asked me whether rock dust really works or is it just a
gimmick now soil types vary and some people might have excellent native soil
whereas some might not have it for example in this raised bed since we
created our own soil there’s not much native soil so
rock dust really helps to remineralize and then provide all these nutrients to
your plants let’s now look at some gardening products I was at my local
Home Depot and I saw a lot of fruit trees excellent varieties of fruit trees
as you can see here a lot of varieties that make excellent fruit trees in your
home garden and some of the trees that I already had is well like the Meyer lemon
and some other trees but what really caught my attention was this dwarf
avocado tree now this dwarf avocado tree was created
by a local nursery and what was interesting was that the plant was
growing out of the seed now I’ve recommended not buying plants that grow
out of seeds because it’s a hit or miss however in this case I saw that this
plant had some flowers on it and it was growing very well and this is why I
picked up one plant to see how it grows so there we have it folks that was our
episode on the California gardening for the month of November if you liked our
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53 thoughts on “The November Garden – California Gardening Episode For November

  1. I'm having such a hard time getting my seeds to actually grow. Every time I try some grow but not all. I want mine to grow like this!

  2. Love your videos. You are an amazing gardener! I tried to grow rosmery and I failed🙁. Could you make a video of how to take care of a rosmery plant?

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  4. is irvine colder than los angeles? Im trying to overwinter my tomatoes and peppers. i have a tomato plant that was given to me at the beginning of october and it already has tomatoes growing on it lol so i definitely will try my best to have that one survive. also are there any earthworms in your garden beds? worms are present in my yard and i bought more to boost my population and now i have earthworms everywhere. they always find their way into my pots and containers too which is no issue for me. i noticed that any food scraps i throw in the dirt is usually completely gone in 3 weeks. which is kinda cool.

  5. Beautiful…I got inspired and tried to grow tomatoes, the plant grew well in compost but very soon it had powdery stuff on the underside of the leaves

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  9. I just bought three avocado trees from Home Depot. All have remnants of the seed in the pot. My questions when you see this does this mean that the plant has not been grafted? Is that why you shy away from them?


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