The Problem with Lead in Soil

[gentle music] In metropolitan areas
throughout the United States, the historic use
of lead-based paint leaded gasoline, and the presence of former
lead smelters have left left a legacy
of lead contaminated soil throughout the country. People,
particularly children, are vulnerable to lead toxicity which can lead to: Poor health, Learning disabilities and Behavioral problems The Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention estimates that: Over one half a million U.S. children between the ages of 1 and 5 have blood lead levels high enough to damage their health. There is no safe
blood lead level for children. The growing trend of urban
and community gardens pose new challenges
in regards to health messaging and balancing
the numerous benefits of growing your own food
versus potential health risks from exposure to
lead contaminated soils and produce. ATSDR promotes and
supports a unique environmental health education event
called soilSHOPs to help reduce
community exposure to harmful chemicals
and soils. To learn more about
soilSHOPs, please e-mail us
at the address below [email protected] or go to our website. [gentle music] So hold a soilSHOP. Feel free to dig in. [gentle music]

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