The Relentless: Hannah Blackburn

(upbeat guitar music) – Mars is our next door neighbor. And it’s somewhere that could definitely support longterm human settlements. It makes sense as the next place to go since we’ve already been to our moon. As an astrobiologist I get to be a scientist
in the most pure state because I am very interdisciplinary, I do everything from
chemistry to astrophysics to biology, even a
little bit of psychology, there’s literally everything. Right now my main priority is making sure that our astronauts can
eat when they’re on Mars. I am focusing on how we
can grow food in space, how it’s going to be different, how we can make it more nutritious. We’ve already grown a
variety of different plants on the International Space Station. Lettuce was the first one to be eaten by human astronauts. I’m definitely inspired by
science fiction and fantasy. Of course as a child it was
one of my favorite genres and a lot of things from science fiction are now becoming real. It’s really cool to see
things that maybe you saw in like the original series Star Trek and make that a real scientific tool. My favorite thing about Florida Tech is that you can start hands-on
research almost immediately. Having the really good academics, paired with the hands-on experience, allows you to fully
understand the concepts and know what you’re doing
when you start doing research. I’m involved with a lot of
organizations of campus. Right now I’m the president of
the Martial Arts Association. To me, being relentless is
working towards your goal. So you might take a different approach, or change the way that
you’re thinking about it, but you’re never going to stop working for what it is that you want. You have to keep going. You don’t have to necessarily keep going down the same path the whole time, but you can’t let your spirit be overcome by the challenges ahead of you. I think it’s more helpful to just stop and think about how what you’re doing is going to actually improve
future of all community. My name is Hannah Blackburn, and I’m relentless about
building a better future. (upbeat guitar music)

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