The Science of Soil Health video series trailer

[Music] over the last four years I’ve had
unusual privilege of visiting with a group of farmers who do things well… differently
they typically don’t till they use cover crops as a integral
part of their strategy and not as an afterthought and
they embrace diversity. Call them crazy if you like, but these guys report more consistent
yields, lower input costs and higher net income. They call this soil health. Now with my mineral processing
background, I first viewed the soil as an intert medium to grow plants…
sort of like a factory. from where I stood these farms looked like
anomalies I mean how do you get more from less, right? but these guys weren’t sneaking out to
fertilize and irrigate at night and since science respecs empiricism, I
had to believe what I saw With each visit these “anomalies” amassed. Was my science
wrong? No, but it was incomplete. Maybe it was my
understanding of soils that I needed to question. Kris Nichols pointed out to me that
ninety percent of soil function is actually mediated by
microbes. Wow! I went to the literature and saw
that it was true, and as the pieces of this puzzle began to
fall into place, I realized that I no longer viewed soils
as inert media, but as living mutualistic eco-systems. According to physicist and
philosopher Thomas Kuhn, I had just undergone a paradigm shift. [Music] So if biology is so important why is
our understanding of its imprint on our soils over over the last 60 years been largely
descriptive? Maybe it’s because measuring these
effects is hard. Now if it’s harder to measure is the science less valid? I think not. The question is can science explain the success that see
on these fields or will they remain anomalies? [Rushing sound, music] In the series, I invite you to take a
road trip with me to visit with scientists who share this paradigm of soils.
Our conversations rang from rhizobaceria to landscape scale nutrient recycle and most everything in between. So….. you gonna join me? If you are you’d better buckle up it’s going to be a wild ride! [Music}

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  1. Good point Jack Spirko, but also beneficial that he's supporting it with data and sharing the research. This work doing farming better (again) could have far-reaching advantages.

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