The SECRET to HOT backyard composting!

If you’ve seen some of my other videos, I’m an amateur, learning hot composter I don’t have a farm, I’m not doing this for profit. I’m just trying to have a hot compost pile in my backyard using leaves, kitchen waste, what I can get in the yard. The goal, as you’ll see from the link in the description is to heat my greenhouse, and I’m doing this successfully. I’ve had a hard time with compost. If you read the books and watch the videos from the experts, it seems like a really complicated thing. You’ve gotta get the composition of the feedstock correct, get the right mixture of carbon and nitrogen You’ve gotta get the right amount of moisture and aeration in there. Those things may all be true if you’re doing this on an industrial scale, but I found the SILVER BULLET. The thing that absolutely makes or breaks a compost pile. That thing is COFFEE GROUNDS. The secret to hot composting is coffee grounds. I had a nice sized compost pile, made mainly of leaves, and at one time it was going strong. Then it died. It dropped to 60 degrees F (15 deg C). It was sitting there for three weeks. I didn’t know what to do, then I got some coffee grounds. I have to thank Fluid Coffee Bar in Denver, Colorado. You guys have been generous by giving me coffee grounds I appreciate your support for me and for urban gardening in general Basically I added 5 pounds (2 kg) of coffee grounds over a 1 week period. The compost went from 60 degrees F (15 deg C) to 135 degrees F (57 deg C) That’s not as hot as you can get it, but it’s still a very hot pile. It would burn my hand if I touched it. It is very adequate to sustain the heating of my greenhouse For grins I’ll show you the temperature readings collected over the last week. I’m opening up my compost pile. I have a tarp and foam board on it. You can see it’s next to my greenhouse. I’m pumping air under it with a duct fan and pipe Going in for the thermometer…60 degrees F (15 deg C) OK, 3 days later, January 22, 2017. 80 degrees F (27 deg F). I’ve added one batch of coffee January 25, at night. I’m up to 105 degrees F (41 deg C). Last but not least, today, January 27, 2017. We are at 135 degrees F (57 deg C)

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  1. The coffee grounds are acidic. Great idea. I don't worry much about the recipes and ratios given for composting. Just about anything organic is good. So long as you turn it for aeration, pee on it a bit for moisture, and build it up with carbon and nitrogen products, you will get the high temps you want.

  2. The reason it went cold so quick is your primary was leaves. If you get actual wood chip mulch, ie brushy tree limbs and larger wood chips it takes it much longer to become "spent" as well as will already have the proper mix of nitrogen and carbon.

  3. Also, I added some ( very little ) dirt with earthworms and within a few months I had more earthworms then compost. The place was crawling with them. Plants like it too. I was growing bluberies with lots of coffee & tea stuff. It was delicious. Bluberies with a hint of coffee taste.

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